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4. At least he doesn't have big f

3. Bedroom Games

2. It's left over at the end

1. Altered Fates

Alan's New Shoes

on 2005-04-17 20:25:57

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Alan jumped at the sudden tingle that went through his system. He felt very strange suddenly, especially around his toes. They almost felt like they were vibrating slightly!

Alan looked down, past his hairy, slightly graying chest, past his still-hard penis, to his toes. "What the hell!" he exclaimed. The toes were steadily shrinking. There was no sensation other than the odd tingle. His toes were simply reforming into smaller versions of themselves as though they did that every day.

"Honey?" asked Susan. "Oh my god! Your toes!" Not only were his toes smaller but they looked different, almost dainty.

"It's spreading, too," he said with a moan. The balls of Alan's feet were narrowing rapidly, then the arch and the heel.

"It works! It really works!" Susan was kneeling next to Alan now, watching his hairy male feet become smooth-skinned, dainty, feminine ones that looked like they would fit perfectly into the too-small heels she had bought. "This is so cool."

"Cool? I have a girl's feet!" said Alan, then stumbled a bit as his ankles shifted. Again there was no pain but it was very uncomfortable to feel his ankles slim down like that. "Will it stop now?"

"The notes didn't say, but, umm...your calves aren't as hairy as they were a minute ago.!"

Alan sat down on the bed and stared at his changing legs. "This is crazy!" he muttered and reached for the amulet.

"Wait! What are you doing, honey?" Susan placed a small hand on his.

"It's still tingling. I'll bet if I take it off this will stop, maybe I'll even change back."

"Oh, please don't! This is magic, real magic! Don't you want to see what happens?"

"But I don't want to be a girl," he moaned as he watched his lower legs becoming sleek, slender versions of themselves. There was a lot of fear in his eyes but curiosity too.

Susan sensed she was winning. "Alan, it will only be for twelve hours. The note says you can turn back after that. Besides, you're not going to be able to walk very well they way you are now. Do you want to lay around for the rest of the day with a girl's lower legs?"

Alan's grip on the medallion relaxed a little. "What if I it doesn't work and I can't change back?" he protested. His knees were changing now. He thought they looked kind of cute as they shrank and the skin became smooth.

"You worry too much," she said with a smile and pulled his hand away from the necklace. "Besides, I'll make it worth your while," she whispered. Her fingers wrapped around his semi-hard penis, stroking it in just the way that she knew he loved. They had been married for almost twenty years so it took only moments for her to make him nice and hard again.

"I won't have that much longer, you know," he said. His voice definitely had more curiosity than fear now and Susan grinned naughtily up at him.

"I guess we better hurry then." She leaned forward and slipped his cock into her mouth. She knew how much Alan loved this and wondered fleetingly what it felt like. She told herself that later she might just find out by using the Medallion. For now though, she enjoyed the taste of him, the velvety skin wrapped around the hard erection sliding in and out of her mouth. Her hands slid along his thighs. It was bizarre to feel the flesh move under her fingers, muscles diminishing, flesh smoothing, hair retracting. Everywhere along his legs his masculinity was vanishing as though at her touch. The thought of it excited her and she moved one hand between her legs to tease her panty-covered sex.

"Oh, Susan," moaned Alan. "I think it's speeding up!" He could feel his ass swelling against the sheets on the bed, actually lifting him up a bit as his hips spread out in a decided feminine curve. "No!" he moaned as the tingling began to tease his balls. It excited and dismayed him to feel them begin to shrink, pulling tight against his body.

Susan felt her husband's scrotum pulling away from her fingers and knew she had little time. She squeezed the base of Alan's cock and pumped it hard with her hand while her tounge and lips busied themselves with the swollen head. Again her knowledge of her husband paid off, and she was quickly rewarded with a familiar grunt followed by the salty spray of him cumming in her mouth. She gulped at his cum giggling at the thought that, for a while at least, this would be the last time he did that.

Alan shuddered as he exploded in orgasm, gasping for air and gripping his wife's shoulders. When his vision cleared he saw her kneeling between his legs, raining little kisses and feathery licks on his erect cock -- as it slowly shrank in her fingers. It was turning a bright pink, too, the head losing its flared hood. She winked at him and took his dwindling manhood into her mouth again and suckling at it even as it shrank. She had to move her head closer and closer to his groin, until finally her lips were against his skin. She gave him a final kiss and leaned back. Alan felt almost dizzy as her departing lips revealed that his penis was gone, completely converted into a clitoris. His groin was completely empty other than a soft mound of flesh topped with a flare of dark hair. Alan realized that this was his mons venerus, and that he was now a she.

Susan leaned back on her heels, taking in the bizzarre sight of her transforming husband. His proud cock was gone, completely replaced by a perfect little pussy. She looked at the lips of her husband's new sex and found herself grinning. Sure, she was worried about whether they'd really be able to change her girlified husband back -- but mostly she was getting really turned on by the thought that she had caused the change.

She watched raptly as Alan's waist constricted and her chest began to narrow. Alan was right, the changes were getting quicker. It was over twenty minutes since she had tapped the medallion with the shoes and it looked like the changes would soon be done. Even now her little nipples were widening and turning a light pink shade, almost like pink lemonade. The rough furry male skin shed its hair and became a silky expanse of softness that began to develop into mounds under her husband's nipples.

"Aw crap," said Alan. Despite more than half of her body being female, she still had her masculine voice. "I suppose this was ineveitable." She reached up with one hand to poke at the expanding flesh on her chest. It was bizarre. She could feel her chest pushing out at her hand, swelling like a balloon. At the same time she could feel her hand with what was rapidly becoming her new breast. Alan was dimly amazed at how quickly they were growing, going from little teeny-bopper cones to rounded hills and finally to big, fleshy spheres. Something about the shape of them bothered him. It was Susan who figured it out though.

"You have your Mom's tits!" she said with a giggle. "Just look at them, they're just like hers."

Alan's eyes widened. Her mom had been blessed -- or cursed -- with large, pendulous breasts that required custom bras, depite breast reduction surgery when she was done nursing Alan. It looked as though her genes were showing through, as Alan's new bosom was swelling enormously. "Gee, thanks, Mom," she groaned in a voice that slowly rose in pitch. She had not even noticed her arms and shoulders changing, she had been so preoccupied with her new breasts. Now her neck had slimmed into a graceful arch and her face began to rearrange itself.

Susan watched as her husband's face shifted under the medallion's influence. It was intoxicating to see his lips fill out, his square chin narrow, and his cheekbones become more defined. With every passing moment his famimliar male features became more feminine. They did not change otherwise, though, and after just a few moments Alan's face was a very pretty feminine version of itself, with big soft doe eyes and kissable lips. Alan's slightly receding hairline filled in and his hair softened a bit. Susan was disappointed that it did not grow, but she supposed that long hair was not genetic like Alan's new boobs. She knew he loved long hair though and wished that the medallion had given Alan some long curly tresses.

"It's done," whispered Alan. "The medallion isn't tingling anymore." She shook her head at the odd sound of her voice. It was kind of like her male one, but definitely higher in pitch and with a musical quality that reminded her of one of her aunts.

Susan nodded. The medallion's work did seem to be done. The person laying before her on the bed was completely, undeniably female. She looked a bit like Alan's mom when she was younger, or perhaps one of Alan's cousins. Susan's grin widened as she watched Alan explore her new tits with her soft feminine hands. "Magic," she whispered.

Susan knew she should have been more cautious but she was ecstatic, reveling in the wonder of her husband's transformation. The feeling of power was incredible -- she had taken a man of over forty years and turned him into an attractive woman! Possibilities danced through her mind, breathtaking visions of what she might do next. She could make her husband male again but younger, or maybe a younger version of his new feminine self, or maybe something more exotic. Or she might use the medallion herself and give herself big tits like Alan's, or make herself younger, or a different race, or even male.

First though she needed to keep Alan's trust and reassure her of her love, so she straddled Alan's slim waist on the bed and gave the new woman a soft but passionate kiss. "Alan, honey, I know what I want to do next. I want to..."

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