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3. Bedroom Games

2. It's left over at the end

1. Altered Fates


on 2005-04-17 06:16:10

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'Wow! I can't recall the last time Susan was so sexually aggressive.' Alan thought to himself as they began stripping each other's clothes off. "So now that you have your magic thingy, what are you going to do with it?" he prompted since this seemed to be a game she really liked.

"I don't know. All of the clothes we have are just each other's. It's a shame we don't have something else." Susan said turning and looking around the bedroom.

"That's OK, I like you just the way you are." Alan said stepping up close behind her while reaching around and fondling her breasts.

"Oh wait, the note said that if we used new clothes that had never been worn, it would just adjust you to fit. "I've got a brand new pair of shoes that have never been worn because I mistakenly picked up the wrong box and they're a size too small for me." Susan said pulling away from Alan's hold and rummaging through her closet.

"Forget the shoes. We can make our own magic." Alan complained.

"No I want to try this!" Susan insisted batting Alan's roaming hands away.

"Oh come on Hon, there's no such thing as magic. Besides, even if there were, what would it do, make your feet a size smaller? I know how much you like shoes, but honestly, it wouldn't even be noticeable."

Losing the moment as it were, as his wife continued ransacking the closet, Alan opened the box and put the amulet on. Glancing at himself in his wife's full length mirror, he had to smile at how silly he looked standing there completely nude wearing the ugly piece of jewelery.

"Found them!" Susan cried out. Turning with a pair of dark blue open toed pumps in her hand, she giggled to see her husband wearing the amulet and nothing else.

"I'm glad I can at least entertain you." Alan smiled.

Susan looked her husband slowly up and down and smiled when she saw him responding to her attention. "You know, you have really big feet. Maybe we should use these shoes on you." She teased.

"So! You want to shrink my feet do you? Well they don't call me BigFeet for nothing evil enchantress. Go ahead, do your worst. I can take it!" Alan said in jest before striking a classic Superman pose with his chest out and fists on his hips.

Stepping close, Susan held up the shoes and declared, "You're in for a shock BigFeet, these are Kryptonite shoes!" and thrust them against the amulet on Alan's hairy chest.

"OW! They did shock me!" Alan whined. "That hurt!"

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