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2. It's left over at the end

1. Altered Fates

Alan's Wife is intrigued

on 2005-04-17 01:32:08

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Sighing to herself, Susan began sorting the remains. No one had come by for over an hour now. Clearly the yard sale was done. Dragging out two large trash bins and a large box labeled 'Goodwill', Susan got to work. All the old clothes went into the Goodwill box. This wasn't a hard decision as it would likely help someone. The bric-a-brac was a little harder to deal with.

She knew it just took up room, but it's hard to throw things away that were once useful. The old blender still worked, but it hadn't been used since Scott was a baby when she'd made her own baby food for him, and that was a long time ago. Forcing herself, it went into the trash. All the odds and ends had to be re-examined once more as a sort of farewell before consignment to the deep.

Alan heard his wife enter and called down. "How did the yard sale go?"

"Pretty good! We made almost two hundred dollars and got rid of about three quarters of the stuff."

"Hey that's great!" Alan said entering the kitchen to more easily talk with his wife as she sat at the kitchen table. "Uh oh, it's looks like you hung on to something. I thought we agreed that everything goes."

"This isn't any of our stuff. I found it going through the leftovers. I don't know where it came from."

"What is it?" Alan asked to be polite, but he wasn't really interested.

"It's a pretty little box with a strange piece of ugly jewelery in it. Oh wait there's some kind of a note with it." Susan said as she unfolded the paper from the box and began reading.

"Fan mail from a Flounder?" Alan said in his best Bullwinkle voice.

"No it some kind of strange story. In a nut shell, it says this is a magical amulet and that it can morph you into different bodies by using other peoples clothing."

"Jeeze! The things people come up with. No point in keeping other people's trash when we're cleaning our own, just chuck it."

Closing the box, Susan embraced her husband and nuzzled his neck. "Ummm, wouldn't it be kinky if it really worked?" She whispered.

Alan was a little taken aback by his wife's sudden amorous advance, but certainly wasn't about to pass up the opportunity so he played along. "Really? Kinky huh? What would you do with it?" He murmured while reaching around to grasp his wife's still firm little bottom with both hands.

"I'm not sure, let's go find out." Susan said, scooping up the box with one hand as she lead the way to their bedroom.

Alan was already having to do an emergency pants adjustment before they'd even left the kitchen.

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