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5. Clothes Make the Man...or Woma

4. The Idea

3. Leave me alone!

2. Little brother's turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Clothes Make the Man...or Woman

on 2008-04-14 20:23:37

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When he got home, he went up to his room, trying to think of what to do with Jon. Finally, he came up with an idea that he could have fun with.

"I wish that until I make a wish for it to stop...whenever Jon gets undressed and takes a bath or shower, he goes into someone else's room and puts on the clothes there instead. I wish that no matter what he wears, it fits him, and that the more he wears the stuff, the more he changes. And that no one would notice anything was wrong and that whoever's clothes he's wearing would just wear something else..."

The stone glowed, and Mikey hid it away.

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