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6. Jake

5. Morning has broken

4. Late that night

3. Her son and daughter

2. A frustrated woman

1. Altered Fates


on 2005-09-23 21:22:15

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Jake could only stare down in disbelief as his Mom gave him a discontenting grin and closed the door. "I'll be back in a few moments with some clothes for you" She called in a sing-song voice. He didnt have to see her to know she had a smile on her face.

Jake sat back down on his bed, feeling an uncomfortable shift of weight in his chest as he did so. He took a second to push a strand of light brown hair out of his eyes as he let his right hand creep towards the soft mound on the right of his chest. He stopped and took a deep breath before making contact.

At first he was almost dissapointed, he didnt feel a thing. He squeezed the firm protrustion gently and then brought his second hand to its place at the opposite breast. It only took a molment before his nipples grew hard and he began rubbing his chest up and down.

A shock when through his body, and a familiar feeling crept through him. As different as it was, he knew he was aroused.

He let his right hand drop from his chest and make its way towards his loose boxers, sliding them halfway down his thighs revealing a small triangular mound of soft short hair concealing a small set of verticle lips. He touched them with one finger and quickly drew back as if he had been shocked.

The sound of footsteps comming up the stairs meant his Mother was back, he was alerted back to reality and quickly pulled up his boxers as the door opened.

"You're lucky your sister was only a small B cup," She smiled "but you won't get off in the underwear department."

'Great,' Jake thought as his Mother held up a small pair of underwear (if you could call a triangle attached to a couple strings underwear).

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