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The update work on Fiction Branches is officially underway. Pardon the mess. As of now, the website is temporarily read-only. Hopefully, your bookmarks should still work and you should be able to browse the episodes up to this point. Full functionality, including searching and posting, should be back at some point this weekend. We are working on completely revamping the backend of Fiction Branches, so it might take some time until things fully go back to "normal". In the meantime, feel free to mingle with your fellow writers either on the #fictionbranches, on the synIRC IRC server or on the newly created Discord server. Please report any broken episodes you come across to me (CountD) on the Discord server. Apologies for the downtime, and thank you for your patience!

The Forum

Have your say, make suggestions and give feedback in the Forum.

Last modified on Mon Aug 7 00:11:23 2017.

The first episode of The Forum

You Are What You Wish

A story of magical stones and ... read it and find out!

Last modified on Sun Aug 6 22:59:44 2017.

The first episode of You Are What You Wish

Altered Fates

The world-famous Medallion of Zulo comes to Fiction Branches!

Last modified on Sat Jul 8 23:31:59 2017.

The first episode of Altered Fates

The Future of Gaming

A wonderful world of Virtual Reality brought to us by DeepFried.

Last modified on Wed Mar 15 11:37:31 2017.

The first episode of The Future of Gaming