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Member since 2018-02-03 07:39:59

I’ve always been a fan of the impossible. YAWYW drew me in because of the sheer potential that the rules could lend to. Literal impossibilities written out. To explore the ramifications on things that others made simple, to see just how far I can lush the rules of a setting without tipping it over. This is the epitome of the Round Robin creativity.

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Musical Closers Chaos: More balanced lives
More balanced lives
2023-06-04You Are What You Wish24
Testing the coins alone
On his own
2023-06-01You Are What You Wish4
Bag of interesting coins
A bag of coins
2023-05-31You Are What You Wish3
Musical Closets Chaos: Double Trouble
Double Trouble
2023-05-30You Are What You Wish23
Musical Closets Chaos: Finding places
Finding places
2023-05-28You Are What You Wish22
Musical Closets Chaos: Getting rid of a loose end
Getting rid of a loose end
2023-05-27You Are What You Wish21
Musical Closets Chaos: keep falling one after the other
Keep falling one after the other
2023-05-26You Are What You Wish20
Musical Closets Chaos: Lives keep on getting worse
Lives keep on getting worse
2023-05-26You Are What You Wish19
Musical Closets Chaos: Slipping into the future (lives)
Slipping into the future (lives)
2023-05-26You Are What You Wish18
Musical Closets Chaos: dominoes keep falling
Dominoes keep falling
2023-05-26You Are What You Wish17
Musical Closets Chaos: Of course it somehow gets worse!
It somehow gets worse
2023-05-26You Are What You Wish16
Lost branch: Maybe?2023-05-25The Forum4
Lost branch of YAWYW’s Musical Closets?
Lost branch?
2023-05-25The Forum2
Closet Chaos Aftermath: the curse is broken
The curse is broken
2023-05-24You Are What You Wish16
Musical Closets Chaos: ACTUALLY plugging the last hole.
ACTUALLY plugging the last hole.
2023-05-23You Are What You Wish15
Musical Closets Chaos: Plugging the last hole in the system
Plugging the last hole in the system
2023-05-23You Are What You Wish14
Musical Closets Chaos: Closing more holes
Closing more holes
2023-05-23You Are What You Wish13
Musical Closets Chaos: Closing one loop
Closing one loop or two
2023-05-23You Are What You Wish12
Musical Closets Chaos: Sirius Black (not a wizard)
Sirius Black (not a wizard)
2023-05-23You Are What You Wish11
Musical Closets Chaos: Work to Live, Live to Work
Work to Live, Live to Work
2023-05-22You Are What You Wish10
Musical Closets Chaos: Not quite done
Jo’s not quite finished cooking
2023-05-21You Are What You Wish9
Musical Closets: Absolute Chaos
Absolute Chaos (aka A thrift store)
2023-05-20You Are What You Wish8
Yep, Still “Jon”
Of course they are
2023-05-20You Are What You Wish18
PE can’t come soon enough
After gym can’t come soon enough
2023-05-02You Are What You Wish17
The next day
A new day in Normal lives
2023-05-02You Are What You Wish16
Just “Jon” enough
Jolene needs a soak before bed.
2023-05-02You Are What You Wish15
Is the chain broken?
Checking in on the changes
2023-04-30You Are What You Wish14
Bringing the loop closed2023-04-30You Are What You Wish13
The Mad Dog Mike
A gang
2023-04-30You Are What You Wish12
Checking in on Jon
Checking on Jon Sanders
2023-04-29You Are What You Wish11
Magic seeks Magic
Mikey’s Room
2023-04-29You Are What You Wish10
Regretting jealousy
To Karyn’s place
2023-04-29You Are What You Wish9
The Sanders House2023-04-29You Are What You Wish8
Wishing Stone Comics: Imto the Wishing Verse (Superhero)
Wishing Stone Comics: Into the Wishing Verse (Superhero)
2019-10-24You Are What You Wish3
Harem Anime Life: Cold Open and Intro2019-05-21You Are What You Wish6
Harem Anime Life: Filling out the Cast2019-05-18You Are What You Wish4
Cloud: Melony is Very Confused
Melony is very Confused
2019-04-29You Are What You Wish6
Hillsburg: Back to the Cafe2019-04-23You Are What You Wish18
Hilssburg: In bed
Hillsburg: In bed
2019-04-23You Are What You Wish17
Hillsburg: Quality Time2019-04-23You Are What You Wish16
Zoe Black and Karyn Gibson.
Can I borrow your phone?
2018-02-25You Are What You Wish9

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