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I had a thought, since Sarah is leading a boy in mind into the girls' locker room. What if Sarah stated "Please don't perve on the girls here, they didn't ask for this. Just act like a normal girl... whatever you do with Karen aside.”

This would have Jon 1) no longer attracted to girls... for the most part. She's more 4/5ths boys and a few specific girls that she has strong relationships with, like Karen. I suppose Kayla and Yuki would count in that category too as fellow Nerds, and maybe Athena and Zelda... but then maybe not.

You might need to split the effect with "Don't perve on us..." and later "Honest advice: This will be easier for you if you let yourself like boys."

I can see a couple of reasons for Sarah making these statements. One is privacy, another is to cover her ass when the Matron comes to investigate. Though Sarah has done nothing wrong (save but possessing her absolutely sparkling personality), but if guys are not to know magic, the choice is to either make the man forget or to make him apart of the female cause.

One benefit of changing Jon to ack like a normal girl is that all the small things girls do, put in a bra, reapply makeup, etc. becomes easy and almost 2nd nature to Jon.

2024-02-19 12:52:43

On Leaving the Gym

I want to say I like this thread. Though to be fair to Jon, there was no malice with this wish.

I like the wish to be a proper queen without loosing her sense of self. I would be nice if other's in Jon's life were found and 'adapted' by similar wishes.

Key ideas: Mikey is now a girl, otherwise Jon would not inherit the throne. Mikey/Princess Michelle is still physically active, It's just now fencing, skeet and horseback riding/steeple chase instead of soccer and basketball and magic:the Gathering. Michelle is mastering the art of turning fighing spirit and willpower, qi, into attacks and practical effects.

Zoe is a Princess, but studying to be a high magi. I imagine there are two schools of Magic High Magic - Lex Arcana where one declares laws and works on a conceptual basis, and Low Magic, where though the power of language, including body language, you can prompt the Universe to do a trick. This is not conceptual, and the tricks are rather narrow. But the Universe is an old dog and knows a lot of tricks.

Karen: A guy now. Actually a girl using a magical trinket to pass as a guy so that she can complete in the upcoming tournament. Day job is a hunter for the royal family. Perhaps she can catch milady's favor?

Yuki: Jon's friend, one of the Nerds, co-GM of the local D&D group at school. Has a crush on Jon, but is friends with Karen and doesn't want to poach. Is now Princess Jeaun's ninja maid.

Sarah: Daughter of a buisness magnet, Still ritch. Not nobility. An advocate for the Socalist Party, advocates the dissolution of the Royal Family, unbacked fiat currency and direct democracy.

Biff: Now a girl. A dutchess, to be exact. In the Royal Sucession after Zoe and Michelle. A rival to Prencess Jeanne.

Queen Linda: Newly ascended to the throne, with the death of her father. Her mother serves as Queen Dowager/Queen Mother. A big celebration of her comming into her rule is upcoming.

My thoughts were people would report people acting out of place, they have partial and mixed memories because this is such a big wish. Enough memories to be the people they were prior the wish. Queen Linda 'adjusts/adapts' them, with their feedback. A theme is being Blursed - that is a mix of blessed and cursed. Each changes in a way that is beneficial, but change is hard. Biff doesn't have to assert his masculinity any more. Sarah is starting her career in politics, Karen actually gets to compete in a tournament, Zoe gets to study Magic with Athena. Even Mikey gets to do fun and interisting things.

As for Jon/Jeanne I see her meeting people both before anD after 'adaptation'. Leading to a late afternoon/evening meeting with the Queen, who reasons that there is no good single wish.Rather, it just might be that Jon's Grandfather set Jon up for failure. (My thoughts are that Granpa wanted to break the Veil/Masquerade that has hidden Magic. Lake Point is not the only place that has changed. As for the stone's range.. 100 miles or so. The border is unbroken fantasy kingdom during the day, and connects to the United States overnight.

That's all that I have. I'm making some ai art for Princess Jon/Jeanne.

2024-01-19 14:22:33

On A mild escalation

Congrats on completing a story!

2023-12-03 20:09:04

On Jo attempts to track down Piper

What if Jo wishes that her grandfather placed her and her family under a magical comprehensive curse, charm, enchantment and transformation, with a rider for wishes and reality alterations? Jo could make a claim against the Sarah's wish as of the moment Jo makes her wish about the curse she's under, but she can opt not to make a claim about changing her gender/age. Have the law firm backing the insurance policy supernaturally competent, like lawyer devils or lawyer fae.

2023-11-24 23:37:28

On Jo takes a break from her ride

@Goose I had some thoughts about Yuki Meishida in this thread.

What if Yuki, who is an honorary member of the Nerds (in the sense that the capital-N Nerds are all guys. There girl Nerds, but they are more V-tubers and cosplayers or gamer girls). I see Yuki figure skating, and through that making her own costumes and getting into cosplay and fashion design. I also see Yuki being slowly drawn into D&D, at first as a casual player, falling in love and eventually alternating with Jon as Gamemaster. Yuki gers to use her knowledge of Japanese spirits and ghost stories to make a novel non-European game.

When I said Yuki fell in love, it was a double entendre. Yuki learned to love her pop-culture loving self, but also fell in love with Jon. What if Yuki screwed-up her courage and asked Jon out? What if Sayaka was Yuki's very best friend before Yuki's family moved overseas? And they still coispond by email, Facebook and videocassette? Would Jon as Sayaka support Yuki, because Sayaka-proper would, enthusiastically.

Jon as Sayaka should notice that she responds to she/her pronouns. If some knowledge was retained, then Jon as Sayaka should notice that she acts in a way that preserves social harmony, even if it's a bother for herself. She would likely find hygiene natural (thankfully many Japanese high-school have a moratorium on makeup). I think that Jon will find herself acting a bit more formal and polite, a bit more socially aware, inline with what a classical Japanese well-raised young beauty should. To be casual seems to now feel insulting, to buck the rules just because feels bad. In this way Jon as Sayaka has oddly become the Japanese equivalent of Sarah.

2023-11-20 12:31:56

On Suddenly Sayaka

Thank you for the episode.

2023-04-03 12:53:53

On Linda talks with Mikey, Jon and Karyn ponder, and more from MTI

err, darn auto-corrupt. That's supposed to be 'Yay, you're back!'

2023-03-30 01:44:55

On Jon's mother and Mikey return home

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