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First day back
Coming back home
2019-10-16The Drafting Board25
The rest of the weekend
Ending the trip
2019-10-16The Drafting Board24
Lauren grows afraid
Not knowing what to do
2019-10-06The Drafting Board32
The two talk
Falling deeper
2019-10-06The Drafting Board31
Jake falls for Amy
The night continues
2019-09-26The Drafting Board23
Magic overload
Lonna at lunch switches even more
2019-09-09The Drafting Board28
More switching
The Magic isn’t stopping
2019-08-29The Drafting Board26
Not so bad
Lonna in between classes
2019-08-26The Drafting Board23
Before class
Brittany drives to school
2019-08-19The Drafting Board5
Failed attempt
They try to switch back
2019-08-19The Drafting Board4
Life switch
Switching lives
2019-08-16The Drafting Board3
Roommate switching
Roommate switch revised
2019-08-16The Drafting Board2
Ms Rodriguez teaches
Student now teaches
2019-07-31The Drafting Board20
A mistaken wish
2019-07-01The Drafting Board21
Barbara soaks in her new body
Back with Barbara
2019-05-21The Drafting Board6
House wife to single life
Barbara wakes up
2019-05-11The Drafting Board4
After work
Sarah after work
2019-05-11The Drafting Board3
Jake finds out about the switch
Amy tells Jake
2019-05-03The Drafting Board22
Lauren after work
Lauren explores Tippys home
2019-05-01The Drafting Board8
Lonna sees what happened
They figure it out
2019-04-29The Drafting Board16
Lonna’s 18 year old body gets explored
Jake loves the new lauren more
2019-03-12The Drafting Board14
Lonna goes to see her old body
Lonna and Lauren get along
2019-03-12The Drafting Board13
Lauren wishes again
Lonna pushes Lauren to make a wish
2019-03-06The Drafting Board18
Karyn wakes up
Karyn as barbara
2019-02-26You Are What You Wish4
Barbara and Karyn swap bodies
Barbara wishes to be Karyn
2019-02-26You Are What You Wish3
Lauren’s style in Lonna’s mind
Lonna wakes up
2019-02-11The Drafting Board17
A mistaken wish
Lauren gains Ms Trans sense of style
2019-02-07The Drafting Board16
Getting ready
Lauren’s morning
2019-02-05The Drafting Board15
Lauren loves being Lonna
Lonna learns as Lauren teaches
2019-02-05The Drafting Board14
Lonna’s body with Lauren inside
Lauren teaching first period
2019-02-05The Drafting Board13
Lauren’s body with Lonna in control
Lonna goes to her first class
2019-01-31The Drafting Board12
Morning confrontation
Lauren reaches school
2019-01-09The Drafting Board11
Wish upon a stone
Body swap
2019-01-02The Drafting Board4
Wish gone wrong
A mixed up wish
2018-12-28The Drafting Board21
Maybe Lauren could have more.
Lauren confronts Amy
2018-12-27The Drafting Board20
Lauren’s first night as Lonna
Lauren’s night
2018-12-18The Drafting Board10
A deal is struck
Lauren and Ms Tran meet up after school
2018-12-18The Drafting Board9
A new understanding
Lauren knows what’s switching
2018-12-14The Drafting Board19
Lauren’s next class daydreaming
Lauren teaches once more
2018-12-03The Drafting Board8
A switch in perspective
Lauren and Ms Tran talk about the switch
2018-12-03The Drafting Board7
In between classes
Lauren explores Ms Trans body
2018-12-03The Drafting Board6
Jake learns the truth
Lauren tells Jake what happened
2018-11-06The Drafting Board23
Jake knows and Lauren’s Friday
Amy can’t act and Lauren comes to terms
2018-11-06The Drafting Board22
Lauren’s body...Amy’s mind
Amy’s night with Jake
2018-10-16The Drafting Board21
Amy’s body...Lauren’s mind
Lauren’s night in her new body
2018-10-16The Drafting Board20
Transformation after school
More changes then expected
2018-10-15The Drafting Board19
Lauren explores her new life
Lauren’s night/next morning
2018-10-04The Drafting Board7
Lauren as Anna2018-10-04The Drafting Board6
53 years young
Lauren gets used to her older body
2018-10-02The Drafting Board6
The have no clue
Arriving at school
2018-09-25The Drafting Board18
They switch
Body swap
2018-09-24The Drafting Board4
Rhonda Woodard, 53 year old
2018-09-24The Drafting Board3
Sisters slowly becoming like eachother
Personality struggle
2018-09-21The Drafting Board17
Freaking out
Amy’s morning of changes
2018-09-21The Drafting Board16
Lauren wakes up
Lauren’s morning but she’s starting to change
2018-09-20The Drafting Board15
Sisterly lunch
The two meet at lunch
2018-09-20The Drafting Board14
Something more is happening
Lauren’s first class
2018-09-20The Drafting Board13
Amy’s first class
First period and something is off
2018-09-18The Drafting Board12
Getting ready for school
Waking up and getting ready
2018-09-18The Drafting Board11
Sisters talk
They talk about the date
2018-09-17The Drafting Board10
First date
Date night
2018-09-17The Drafting Board9
First kiss
Amy getting picked up
2018-09-14The Drafting Board8
They come up with a plan
After school
2018-09-11The Drafting Board7
Amy skips a few grades
Amy heads to Mr. Murray’s History class
2018-09-11The Drafting Board6
Lauren in Amy’s Class
Lauren goes to Ms Trans class
2018-09-11The Drafting Board5
Life swap
Lauren and Amy get what they wished for
2018-09-05The Drafting Board4
Sibling rivalry
Amy Rodriguez, Lauren’s 16 year old sister
2018-09-04The Drafting Board3
New week
Their morning before Monday starts
2018-08-21The Drafting Board15
She wants to stay
Lauren meets with her old body
2018-08-21The Drafting Board14
Sexual experience with a new body
Lauren takes it further
2018-08-08The Drafting Board13
Date night
Lauren’s date as Brittany
2018-08-08The Drafting Board12
What to do
The two talk about what to do
2018-08-02The Drafting Board5
Switch souls
2018-07-26The Drafting Board4
Miss popular
Anna Paulson (popular girl)
2018-07-26The Drafting Board3
Back in class
Ms Trans day
2018-06-28The Drafting Board5
Lauren lives a new life
Life swap
2018-06-28The Drafting Board4
Lauren’s in charge
Her teacher Ms Tran
2018-06-28The Drafting Board3
The Switching Stone
The strange stone
2018-06-28The Drafting Board2
Laurens day before the date
2018-06-12The Drafting Board11
Brittany’s time at school
Britt and Lauren talk
2018-06-04The Drafting Board10
Work still is hard
Work day two isn’t as fun
2018-06-04The Drafting Board9
Laurens next day
Second morning switched
2018-05-31The Drafting Board8
Laurens night
The two meet at home
2018-05-30The Drafting Board7
Lauren gets the help she needs
Lauren gets in contact with her old body
2018-05-29The Drafting Board6
Night after the wedding
Michelle’s night so far
2018-05-24The Drafting Board8
Michelle gets married in her sisters body
Michelle’s Wedding day as Isabelle
2018-05-15The Drafting Board5
They switched bodies and lives
Switching bodies and lives
2018-05-07The Drafting Board4
A sisterly switch
Her younger sister Michelle
2018-05-07The Drafting Board3
Before the switch
Wedding Day Switch
2018-05-05The Drafting Board2
The dinner
Jealously ensues
2018-03-20The Drafting Board13
Brittany’s second day in class
Brittany grows to love her new body and life
2018-03-14The Drafting Board12
Greg comes over
Brittany has some fun
2018-03-06The Drafting Board9
Lauren settles in
Lauren learning Brittany’s job
2018-03-05The Drafting Board6
Brittany’s day
Brittany starts her new life
2018-03-05The Drafting Board5
Lauren as Brittany
Lauren walks out the door
2018-03-02The Drafting Board4
Brittany’s happy
Brittany was happy
2018-02-28The Drafting Board3
A girl that wants a new life
Roommate switch
2018-02-28The Drafting Board2

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