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So what happened to Karen in this reality?

2023-12-04 07:29:31

On Jo attempts to track down Piper

Absolutely phenomenal and fantastic story from start to end. Excellent writing and I'm glad these two got a happy ending. Can't wait to see what you have in store next.

2023-12-03 13:58:10

On Jo attempts to track down Piper

Unless Jo still thinks of herself as Jon, shouldn't Sarah's wish on her have stopped affecting her long ago by this point? Unless the stone identifies her as Jon, no matter what form she's in.

2023-12-02 20:07:21

On Jo makes a few wishes

No no, please keep cooking. I'm interested in wherever this is going.

2023-11-13 00:21:08

On There's a New Girl in Town

What I'm wondering is, do other magical creatures exist in this setting? And if so, are any of them among the other members of the cast? I think it'd be interesting going off what Asteria said a few chapters ago, about Jon potentially being turned into a fairy or succubus.

2023-03-19 13:19:14

On Getting Ready for the Sleepover

Recent Episodes

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