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Member since 2019-08-21 14:38:19

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Here are some good ones

2020-10-12 00:36:16

On Stuck

Hmm I don’t write that well but I have some f2f YouTube video that could inspire yoy!

2020-10-11 17:19:23

On Stuck

@switchchick hmm could you do one between the popular girl Anna and the younger sister of Lauren (Amy?) I really like the way you did description and style for that story arc

2020-05-02 01:50:26

On Thank you to those who write in the drafting board

Great chapter

2020-02-20 22:36:42

On Waking up to a nightmare

Can’t wait for next episode

2019-11-27 01:26:57

On From average to gorgeous

Love this one! Can’t wait for next update!

2019-10-30 19:40:23

On Straight Swap

Even on these side stories!!

2019-10-30 19:38:13

On Barbara wishes to be Karyn

Recent Episodes

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