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Surprise visit
Megan's parents
2012-07-27Altered Fates41
Arriving safely
2012-07-27Altered Fates40
Back to Megan's2012-07-27Altered Fates39
Immediate options
How to pass the time?
2012-07-27Altered Fates38
Is Mike really OK?
Still woozy
2012-07-18Altered Fates26
another Nick - of sorts...
a small someone
2012-07-18Altered Fates25
Nick opens the letter
The letter
2012-07-18Altered Fates24
Looking through the cellphone
The phone
2012-07-18Altered Fates24
Nick checks out the purse2012-07-18Altered Fates23
Mike comes over
It won't work
2012-07-18Altered Fates22
Switching places
Not ready yet
2012-07-18Altered Fates21
2012-07-18Altered Fates20
A moment to think
What to tell Mike?
2012-07-18Altered Fates19
Doubling down
The process is complete
2012-07-18Altered Fates44
More indeed2012-07-18Altered Fates45
The Glove's curse takes hold
The new Nick
2012-07-18Altered Fates44
Not enough time, or too much?
More time?
2012-07-18Altered Fates43
A meeting of minds
The Brecelet's influence
2012-07-18Altered Fates42
Caught by surprise2012-07-18Altered Fates41
Devilish mischief
Nicole has another idea
2012-07-18Altered Fates40
Devilish fun
not quite page 38
2012-07-18Altered Fates39
Seduction attempt
Resisting temptation
2012-07-18Altered Fates38
The Potion of Mental Adaptation
The potion bottle
2012-07-18Altered Fates37
The statuette2012-07-18Altered Fates37
The bracelet
The Bracelet of Telepathy
2012-07-18Altered Fates37
The brochure2012-07-18Altered Fates37
Re-tune the Glove2012-07-18Altered Fates36
Nick's options
What to do?
2012-07-18Altered Fates35
Medallion complications
perhaps not much
2012-07-18Altered Fates34
The explanation
and Answers
2012-07-18Altered Fates33
Analyzing the facts
2012-07-18Altered Fates32
Welcomed in
2012-07-18Altered Fates31
Entering the shop2012-07-18Altered Fates30
Just head out
Heading out
2012-07-18Altered Fates29
Another surprise problem
Time to shower
2012-07-18Altered Fates28
Get ready, then go
2012-07-18Altered Fates27
Nick tells his story
Tell him about the medallion
2012-07-18Altered Fates26
The number works
It rings
2012-07-18Altered Fates25
Calling the magic shop
The business card
2012-07-18Altered Fates24
First, make arrangements
Not yet
2012-07-18Altered Fates23
Coming to
He's OK
2012-07-18Altered Fates25
stick to the cover story
2012-07-18Altered Fates26
Go with what you know
2012-07-18Altered Fates26
Call 911
No response
2012-07-18Altered Fates25
Down for the count
Hard collision
2012-07-18Altered Fates24
Nick toys with him2012-07-18Altered Fates24
Collision2012-07-18Altered Fates23
Mike, naked2012-07-18Altered Fates22
Wrong card2012-07-18Altered Fates21
Focusing on the now
Something for later
2012-07-18Altered Fates20
Megan's old overnight bag
2012-07-18Altered Fates19
Keep it informal
Room service
2012-07-18Altered Fates18
There is one thing...
2012-07-15Altered Fates17
He couldn't do it
Play along for now
2012-07-15Altered Fates16
Not for a while
2012-07-15Altered Fates18
Men's room surprise2012-07-14Altered Fates17
Leaving quietly
Nick sneaks away
2012-07-14Altered Fates16
At the hotel - did it work?
Safe arrival
2012-07-13Altered Fates15
A bad day to be Terry Sullivan
2012-07-13Altered Fates15
Heading to the hotel in style
Getting a cab
2012-07-13Altered Fates14
Landing in Las Vegas
2012-07-13Altered Fates13
Into the bedroom
checking the medallion
2012-07-10Altered Fates22
The real Megan
It's Megan
2012-07-10Altered Fates21
time to change back2012-07-10Altered Fates20
Time to see what this baby can do!
Awake and eager
2012-07-10Altered Fates19
Silky and sexy
2012-07-09Altered Fates18
Using his knowledgee
Thinking quickly
2012-07-09Altered Fates17
Just keep moving
Uh oh
2012-07-09Altered Fates16
Feeling vulnerable
Bad neighbourhood
2012-07-09Altered Fates15
The glove works a little too well2012-07-09Altered Fates14
Starting slow
A minor change
2012-07-09Altered Fates13
Fits like a glove
Trying on the glove
2012-07-09Altered Fates12

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