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Member since 2001-10-23 05:19:20

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Lupine Becoming.
Jon becomes...
2002-03-24You Are What You Wish36
Getting ready for the big night...
2002-03-20You Are What You Wish34
Decisions are made...
2002-03-20You Are What You Wish32
Zoe plots...
2002-03-19You Are What You Wish30
Plans come together...
2002-03-17You Are What You Wish28
Wishes, magickal and mundane.
Love (or a reasonable facsimile) is in the air...
2002-03-16You Are What You Wish26
Q & A...
2002-03-09You Are What You Wish24
The After-School Special.
Funny you should ask...
2002-03-08You Are What You Wish22
Karma At Work In Your Daily Life...
Karmic backlash...
2002-03-07You Are What You Wish20
Murphy's Law, Present and Accounted For...
What's worse than Witch Tits?
2002-03-07You Are What You Wish18
Expert Hands.
Something's not quite right about that...
2002-03-06You Are What You Wish16
Sarah's Judgment Day.
"'d go to Hell!"
2002-02-27You Are What You Wish5
The Truth Is Around Here...Somewhere...
2002-02-24You Are What You Wish16
Back to nature.
Zoe has left the building...
2002-02-24You Are What You Wish15
Damage Control.
2002-02-17You Are What You Wish14
Zoe's Chrysalis. elf.
2002-02-14You Are What You Wish12
Zoe's world-changing wish...
Zoe changes the world.
2002-02-14You Are What You Wish11
The Enlightened High School.
School Dazed...
2002-02-14You Are What You Wish10
A World of Wonder.
The next magickal morning...
2002-02-14You Are What You Wish9
Jon surrenders.
2002-02-02You Are What You Wish11
Karyn surrenders to her lust.
2002-02-02You Are What You Wish10
Lycanthropy 101.
Teacher's aid...
2002-01-28You Are What You Wish8
Control Regained.
Quick thinking...
2002-01-28You Are What You Wish7
When Werewolves Attack.
Karyn attacks...
2002-01-28You Are What You Wish6
Recruitment Drive.
2002-01-28You Are What You Wish5
Karyn creates, and Karyn becomes.
Meanwhile, Karyn takes a victim
2001-10-29You Are What You Wish11
Monstrous power.
Karyn's body changes further
2001-10-23You Are What You Wish11

Recent Comments

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