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Taking The Pills2010-11-25You Are What You Wish13
At the Drug Store
At the Drugstore
2010-06-05You Are What You Wish12
A Boy's Room No More
Victoria Returns Home
2010-06-04You Are What You Wish31
Hormones2010-06-04You Are What You Wish11
Making it Legal2010-04-12You Are What You Wish30
The Medical View2010-04-12You Are What You Wish29
Tying Up The Loose Ends2010-04-12You Are What You Wish28
Details, Details...2010-04-11You Are What You Wish27
Retail Therapy2010-02-23You Are What You Wish26
The Natural Way
Jon's Cleavage II
2010-02-21You Are What You Wish10
Not All Fun And Games2010-02-16You Are What You Wish25
Victoria Gets Her First Bra
Victoria Goes to Victoria's Secret
2010-02-15You Are What You Wish24
A New Day2010-02-14You Are What You Wish23
No, seriously...Jon turns into a girl.
"...That Jon was a hamster-sized purple elephant!"
2009-09-13You Are What You Wish7
Destruction2009-09-13You Are What You Wish6
Hollow Shell2009-09-13You Are What You Wish5
Further Discourse Upon the Nature of Reality2009-09-13You Are What You Wish4
What, that's all? Seriously?
That's it?
2009-09-13You Are What You Wish3
The Nature of the Universe2009-09-13You Are What You Wish2
Victoria Settles-In2009-06-15You Are What You Wish23
The Next Morning2009-06-10You Are What You Wish22
Victoria's Victory Over Jon2009-06-09You Are What You Wish21
The Triumph of GPAD
The Transformation Is At Last Complete
2009-06-07You Are What You Wish20
Forgiveness2009-01-24You Are What You Wish19
Change of Heart
Mom Has a Really Fast Change of Heart (Courtesy of the Stone)
2009-01-23You Are What You Wish18
We Are Not Amused
Mother is Not Amused
2009-01-22You Are What You Wish17
The Training Continues
The Training Continues...
2009-01-21You Are What You Wish16
Time to Put on Make-Up
2009-01-20You Are What You Wish15
Jon's New Look
Jon becomes a Victorian Goth
2009-01-19You Are What You Wish14
He would explore his new gender in other ways
2008-12-26You Are What You Wish13
Inspection2008-12-05You Are What You Wish13
Girl in Training
2008-09-29You Are What You Wish12
Embarassment2008-09-27You Are What You Wish11
Fashion Fun
Clothes Make The... Girl?
2008-09-27You Are What You Wish10
The Changes Continue2008-09-27You Are What You Wish9
Turns Out That It's Not Actually A Very Pleasant Disease
Slowly But Surely...
2008-09-27You Are What You Wish8
The Infection Progresses
Restless Night
2008-09-20You Are What You Wish7
A Whole New World
Oh, Like You Didn't See This One Coming!
2008-04-23You Are What You Wish4
World Peace!
...World Peace!
2008-04-23You Are What You Wish3
Jebediah and Zeke go a-Bargain-Huntin'!
A Couple of Hillbillies
2008-04-23Altered Fates2
tlhingan maH!
2007-05-17You Are What You Wish4
Only One Thing For That!
2007-05-17You Are What You Wish7
Q2007-05-17You Are What You Wish4
The Truth2007-05-05You Are What You Wish17
The Transformation is Complete2007-05-03You Are What You Wish16
Jen says "yes"
2007-04-18You Are What You Wish15
Becoming a Cheerleader
He would accept her offer
2007-04-18You Are What You Wish13
Mulling-it Over2007-04-18You Are What You Wish12

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