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Not the only change to her body2022-05-19You Are What You Wish18
Permament Reminder
Permanent Reminder
2022-01-19You Are What You Wish17
Back home: Candy grew stronger
Back home
2021-09-30You Are What You Wish13
A little demonstration2021-06-27You Are What You Wish16
Not working as planned2021-06-26You Are What You Wish15
Sarah: Explosive feelings2021-06-24You Are What You Wish8
Sarah: Getting close2021-06-24You Are What You Wish7
Sarah: another encounter2021-06-24You Are What You Wish6
During the night
Going back home and to sleep
2021-05-21You Are What You Wish7
Learning to use the app2021-03-20You Are What You Wish10
Make it more interesting2021-03-05You Are What You Wish3
Master PC App2021-03-04You Are What You Wish9
Following Jack: Tortured by pleasure
Tortured by pleasure
2021-02-26You Are What You Wish5
Following Jack: Entering a bedroom
Following Jack
2021-02-25You Are What You Wish4
Locked in2021-02-24You Are What You Wish3
Meeting an infected2021-02-19You Are What You Wish4
Rapunzel Virus2021-02-18You Are What You Wish3
Hairdresser: Lifechanging Style
A hairdresser
2021-02-16You Are What You Wish6
Shopping assistant Lilly
Shopping assistant
2021-02-14You Are What You Wish5
Sarah flees... and gets a visitor
Sarah flees
2021-02-08You Are What You Wish16
Sadie: To strong for Tyrone
Sadie´s powers
2021-02-06You Are What You Wish15
Jeanna: Predator of the night
Jon becomes Jeanna
2021-02-05You Are What You Wish14
Jon´s night: First victim
Jon´s night starts
2021-02-04You Are What You Wish13
Tyrone learned something: First information on the curse
Tyrone learned something
2021-02-04You Are What You Wish12
Getting help: Sarah asks Tyrone
Getting help
2021-02-04You Are What You Wish11
Revelations: Sarah meets Sadie
2021-02-04You Are What You Wish10
Mary‘s special task: Getting intimate
Mary‘s special task
2021-02-02You Are What You Wish12
Jon meets Mary2021-02-02You Are What You Wish11
Meeting Mary2021-02-02You Are What You Wish10
Next victim: Karyn
The curse spreads
2021-02-02You Are What You Wish9
Getting help: Jon visits Karyn
Jon needs help
2021-02-02You Are What You Wish8
Jon: Queen of Bimbos2021-01-30You Are What You Wish7
First Bimbo Signs2021-01-29You Are What You Wish6
Bimbo possession2021-01-29You Are What You Wish5
Meeting Karyn2021-01-26You Are What You Wish10
First insights into the curse
Insights into the curse
2021-01-25You Are What You Wish9
Getting a taste of the curse
The dress finds his target
2021-01-20You Are What You Wish8
Falling into dresses
Jon does not find the men’s section
2021-01-19You Are What You Wish7
Jon and Karyn on a stroll
Jon and Karyn
2021-01-19You Are What You Wish6
Cursed clothing store2021-01-19You Are What You Wish5
Add your ideas
Invitation to continue the stories
2021-01-19The Forum2
The next full moon2021-01-15You Are What You Wish9
The next morning2021-01-15You Are What You Wish8
Tyrone being unlucky
Finding somebody to satisfy the needs
2021-01-15You Are What You Wish7
Sarah2021-01-15You Are What You Wish6
Were-BBW2021-01-15You Are What You Wish5
Releasing curses2021-01-15You Are What You Wish4

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