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A wish for obedience.
A frustrated wish.
2020-02-07You Are What You Wish4
Butterfly Effect.2020-02-07You Are What You Wish3
Hat of names (Interlude): the sun sets, wishes are made.
Interlude: the sun sets and wishes are made.
2019-11-15You Are What You Wish34
Hat of Names: Jon confronts Abigail.2019-07-01You Are What You Wish32
Hat of Names: Jon's third wish.
Jon makes his third wish.
2019-06-28You Are What You Wish30
Hat of Names: Jon and Karyn catch up.
Hat of Names: Karyn and Jon meet up
2019-06-25You Are What You Wish28
Hat of Names: Sarah is having a bad day.
Sarah gets ready to make a wish.
2019-06-23You Are What You Wish26
Hat of Names: Karyn, you're blushing pretty hard there...
2019-06-18You Are What You Wish25
Hat of Names: His incubus nature begins to act up.
Jon doesn't notice the weird magical phenomena
2019-06-16You Are What You Wish24

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