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Smart Home Alone: A different breakfast
A different breakfast
2022-10-18The Drafting Board13
Ronni and Harriet realise they've been tricked2018-04-24The Drafting Board16
Arriving at the changing rooms2018-04-16The Drafting Board15
A broom whizzed overhead, and the flying witch called out2018-04-12The Drafting Board14
"That is her true form, for the duration of the Cup."2018-04-12The Drafting Board12
With a cough, and a gesture, Harry points to her female body2018-04-12The Drafting Board12
Elsewhere in the castle, the original Romilda Vane2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
Ron blushed and looked up from her heaving cleavage2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
Harry turns into a regal woman2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
Harry turns into a chess piece2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
Hermione wins2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
Harry and Hermione were bored one Christmas2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
With a groan, Harry woke rubbing her eyes2018-04-12The Drafting Board11
Ronni returns for revenge on Hermione2018-04-12The Drafting Board10
"Sorry, 'Mione..." the apology sincere, as Ronni vanished2018-04-12The Drafting Board9
Ronni transformed from weedy house elf to busty witch2018-04-12The Drafting Board9
The two girls wait for Ron to apparate in with her task complete2018-04-12The Drafting Board8
Looking around Harry saw he was in the Gryffindor girl's dormitory2018-04-12The Drafting Board7
The siren call of the dishes returns the elves to their job2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
Hermione sends a pissed-off Ron-elf, to join Harry2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
Kiss my feet elf! (Going all out here)2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
Hermione tries to show Harry first-hand how house-elves are treated2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
Harry and Ron - plan gone awry2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
Harry discovers his animagus form2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
Luna enjoys the sight of Harry's uniform shifting2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
Once familiar with the wand flick, she heads out to find him2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
Luna's reward to Harry for his kindness2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
Harry feels his skin as it starts to squirm and shift2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
With his eyes, Harry indicated the dolls clothes2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
Harry manages a weak groan. "Not that bloody book."2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
Parvati's revenge for the Tri-Wiz ball2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
Playfully she pushed, Harry teetered backwards, falling into the bath2018-04-12The Drafting Board7
Fire crackled from her fingers cocooning Snape in a blinding light2018-04-12The Drafting Board11
"I 'ave dealt with men like you..." she warned2018-04-12The Drafting Board10
"Out of uniform, Potter." a dry voice sneered2018-04-12The Drafting Board9
Hermione took control, insisting on telling Dumbledore2018-04-12The Drafting Board10
Aware of the teacher's burning gaze they head past Fleur2018-04-12The Drafting Board13
One of Fleur's teachers spots her and beckons her over2018-04-12The Drafting Board12
Fleur christens the girls with new French names2018-04-12The Drafting Board11
Fleur takes Harry's question as an answer2018-04-12The Drafting Board10
With a polite cough, Fleur announces her presence2018-04-12The Drafting Board9
The girls help an unresisting Harriet into some clothes2018-04-12The Drafting Board8
"Harry" her accent intoxication, "There are magical protections..ici...'ere."2018-04-12The Drafting Board7
Fleur's massive fingers worked to undo the buttons on her blouse2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
Fleur goes for a shower/bath2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
Fleur's French Alps2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
Harry gets shrunk by his magic to save him in the 1st task of the Tri-Wiz tournament2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
The girls quietly finish their tea2018-04-12The Drafting Board7
Ginny brings her through a cup of tea2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
She spotted an obscure spell book2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
She discovers a gender change spell2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
Hermione Granger thinking about her friendship with Harry and Ron2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
Ron Weasley in a funk2018-04-12The Drafting Board3
She takes a uniform, but it's a Weasley Wheezes version2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
...found a disguise2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
The wand ricochets out the room2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
A surprise at the library2018-04-12The Drafting Board7
Professor O'Donnell escorts her to class2018-04-12The Drafting Board6
She is a pupil at Beauxbatons, the strict female only magic school2018-04-12The Drafting Board5
The wand backfires2018-04-12The Drafting Board4
Albus Dumbledore trying a polyjuice disguise2018-04-11The Drafting Board3
Post blood war: Draco Malfoy's reckoning2018-04-11The Drafting Board3
Clenching a tiny fist, Hermione punched Ronda square on the nose2018-04-11The Drafting Board10
"I'm no bimbo!" Ronda pouted, her lips pursed, her eyes furious2018-04-11The Drafting Board9
"I think I might like a quieter Ron." Hermione mused aloud2018-04-11The Drafting Board8
Harry has a suggestion2018-04-11The Drafting Board10
The girls dorm.2018-04-11The Drafting Board9
"But there's got to be a way to break this?" Harry pleaded2018-04-11The Drafting Board8
Tears were forming in Ronda's eyes.2018-04-11The Drafting Board8
Hermione arrives and takes in the transformed Ronda.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
She struggles, but gets her thoughts back under control.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
She tapped Harry with the wand2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
Used the wand on herself.2018-04-11The Drafting Board6
Took the Witch Maker potion.2018-04-11The Drafting Board5
Book of transformation spells and verses2018-04-11The Drafting Board4
Some Ravenclaw girls arrive to talk to Cho.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
Cho's hands slip beneath the table as she explores.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
"Hi, Harry." the cheery voice of Cho rang out.2018-04-11The Drafting Board6
A body swap potion.2018-04-11The Drafting Board5
His hand took on a leathery appearance, as webbing appeared.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
Ron tries the potion2018-04-11The Drafting Board6
Potion of Dragon Transformation2018-04-11The Drafting Board5
Harry tries out the potion2018-04-11The Drafting Board6
Potion of Owl Transformation2018-04-11The Drafting Board5
Book of transformation potions2018-04-11The Drafting Board4
She finds Crabbe and Goyle2018-04-11The Drafting Board10
She looked around and saw urinals, she was in the boys toilet.2018-04-11The Drafting Board9
Draco enters the Boys toilets, and he's alone...2018-04-11The Drafting Board8
"I think Draco needs a little empathy lesson, don't you." Harriet suggested.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
Veronica, Harriet, and Hermione talk further about the wand.2018-04-11The Drafting Board6
Hermione finds her friends...2018-04-11The Drafting Board5
Wand of transformations: a spell of rejuvenation2018-04-11The Drafting Board4
Ron discovers that she has her equine sex.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
Ron is partially restored.2018-04-11The Drafting Board6
In a moment, the panic is erased. Harry sees Veronica emerge, a confident witch.2018-04-11The Drafting Board7
Nothing happens, and Harry taps Ron again2018-04-11The Drafting Board6
Ron snatched up the wand and tapped himself with it.2018-04-11The Drafting Board5
Wand of transformations: an intricately carved wand2018-04-11The Drafting Board4
Harry and Ron found a special book and wand2018-04-11The Drafting Board3
Ron was sure he could make out wings... Yes! Yes, it was wings...2018-04-11The Drafting Board5

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