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Some trees must be pruned to grow.
One learns more from failing than from succeeding, and even more from doing both.
2024-05-03You Are What You Wish24
Everyone learns in different ways.
Every day contains a lesson.
2022-10-25You Are What You Wish23
A life not in balance isn't a life.
Burning the candle
2021-03-29You Are What You Wish22
What little Witchspears are made of
A fall precedes a fall.
2021-02-15You Are What You Wish21
To drive a lesson home.
We learn by listening.
2020-12-01You Are What You Wish20
One can never know what lessons the young will learn.
Good pruning makes a healthier tree.
2020-11-26You Are What You Wish19
We learn by doing.
Blessed be the ties that bind.
2020-11-16You Are What You Wish18
A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, bob, aback, bob, aback
2020-11-10You Are What You Wish17
One giant leap for Gifted
One small step for armor
2020-11-05You Are What You Wish16
A better cut
Every mountain can be conquered or gone around.
2020-11-03You Are What You Wish15
What's a Heaven for?
If a woman's reach cannot exceed her grasp
2020-11-02You Are What You Wish14
Prayers before bedtime
Even little endings should be happy
2020-11-01You Are What You Wish13
Ties forged in blood
The family that bleeds together, stays together
2020-10-30You Are What You Wish12
Some days, it all comes together
One can never tell when everything will finally make sense
2020-10-30You Are What You Wish11
Two hearts beat as one.
Contradictions always eventually resolve themselves.
2020-10-28You Are What You Wish10
Forging a Will
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
2020-10-28You Are What You Wish9
A stitch in time saves a life.
Needlepoint isn't just for decoration.
2020-10-25You Are What You Wish8
Clothes make the novice.
A robe, some sandals, and a belt: A classic outfit.
2020-10-24You Are What You Wish7
Roll Call
Line up, girls.
2020-10-23You Are What You Wish6
Somewhere very different2020-10-20You Are What You Wish5
Puzzles are best solved from the outside in.2020-08-31You Are What You Wish25
A tale as old as time
A tale as old as time.
2020-08-22You Are What You Wish24
A new beginning of a very old kind.2019-12-29You Are What You Wish23
Every web has a spider.2019-10-21You Are What You Wish22
To Bind Fate2019-10-18You Are What You Wish21
The Shining Way: Choir Practice2019-09-10You Are What You Wish7
A Pawn Can Become A Queen
Another tool falls into place
2018-10-30You Are What You Wish20
Some things hide in plain sight
One step from five steps back
2018-10-28You Are What You Wish19
And So It Began
Every story has a beginning.
2018-10-27You Are What You Wish18
Things keep on falling
Karyn isn't doing well at all
2018-09-27You Are What You Wish33
Seven years is a long time
Even this shall pass
2018-09-23You Are What You Wish32

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