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4. Mysterious Trinkets

3. A couple months down the road

2. Jon decides this thing is bad

1. You Are What You Wish

A strange little shop

on 2001-02-17 22:58:53

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It was a small shop, wedged between a New Yorker and Rave. The sign above the open door read "Mysterious Trinkets" in campy neon letters. In the lone window next to the door was a large sign that read:

Grand Opening Sale
Costumes and Accessories
50% Off!!

"Perfect." Jon said and Karyn nodded in agreement.

As they walked in the door they were immediately taken back by how much larger the store was inside. The door opened into a room that was at least as big as the stores next door. The physical impossiblities of the place were quickly forgotten as pair looked at the merchandise. Neither Jon nor Karyn had ever seen a place with so much cool stuff.

One wall was dedicated to all sorts of medievil weaponry and armor from all around the world. There were Katanas, longswords, battle axes, platemail and more. Some of it looked brand new others looked aged and battle worn.

The back wall was filled with hundreds of books, most of them so old you could smell their musty age around the entire shop.

To Jon's left was a glass counter showcasing different jewelry which immediately attracted Karyn's attention.

Jon on the other hand was was astounded by huge amount of costumes hung on racks around placed on the floor of the store. As Jon was looking through the multitude a little old man poked his head out from the back room and said, "Ah, my first customers. I will be with you in a minute." and dissappeared into the door way.

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