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2. Jon decides this thing is bad

1. You Are What You Wish

Somebody else's problem

on 2001-02-16 19:11:43

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Jon couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned every way but couldn't stop thinking about the stone. It wasn't like Karyn to be that uncautious. What if the stone had interpeted the wish differently and she couldn't walk upright? Or if she got mad at someone and wished them dead? Heck with the right wish you could destroy the world and that was not something Jon wanted at the moment. It was too much power. And absolute power corrupt absolutly. Suddenly Jon knew what he had to do.

Jon got up from the bed and took the stone out of the box. He held the stone up to his face and took a deep breath. "I wish that this stone was somewhere safe until I have the wisdom and responsiblitly to uses it and when I wake up tommorrow morning Karyn and I will only remember the stone as a vague dream."

With that Jon put the stone back in the box and went to sleep.

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