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2. Karyn's Totally Normal Morning

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's Totally Normal Morning.

avatar on 2018-10-27 18:26:40

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I blink a bit as I hear my alarm clock beeping. Groaning a bit, I slap it a few times and groggily get out of bed. I give a big sigh, as my large D cups come into view, and my long blonde hair falls into my view. I had really hoped that the whole wishing thing was only a dream, but sadly I'd have to go to school all day like this! Standing up, I feel the mounds bounce and jiggle with my every movement, as I go to my dresser to get some underwear. Tho as annoying as it is. I find it all my bras are still for my B cups.

I rub my temples as I pick my phone up and text Jon-Boy. "Hey, none of my clothes have changed to fit me. Could you make a wish to help me out? And make sure I remember it." Before heading to the bathroom, phone in hand. As I start my shower up, I hear my phone buzz as I see Jon simply text 'Done'. Giving a relieved sigh, I return to my dresser to find it filled with Black and White bras, all big enough to support my new breast. Taking a white one with matching panties, I grab a pair of baggy blue jeans and a casual green t-shirt that thankfully changed to fit as well.

As I enter the shower, I relax a bit as the warm water hits my skin. Nothing wakes you up better than a relaxing shower. After five....ok maybe twenty minutes I get out and begin to dry myself off. I had to use way more shampoo now, which was very annoying, but it was only for today. Putting my clothes on, the panties and my baggy jeans slipped on with no problem. However it took me a bit to clip my bra, and my shirt thankfully only showed a little cleavage. If I had it my way it wouldn't show any. I take the blow dryer to my hair and begin brushing it out, which takes a good ten minutes itself, as I think I'm finally ready for school. Other than socks and shoes of course.

I quickly slip a pair off white ankle socks and my black sneakers before hurrying downstairs, but I quickly slow down as my breast wiggle wildly before simply bouncing with each step. Tho they thankfully only wiggle a tiny bit as I make it down the stairs, thanks to my bra. As I enter the kitchen, I see my mother sitting at the table reading the paper and drinking coffee. Yesterday I had found out the reason my hair was blonde in everyone's eyes was because my dad was, tho I never met him. Nor want to. And I was just 'blessed' with a beautiful chest as mom called it. "Karyn, what are you doing?" She asks me, as I look at her confused. "Um, getting ready for school?" I say as I open the refrigerator to grab the milk, as I could see a plate of scrambled eggs on the table. "Oh, did you forget about your doctor's appointment today dear? You won't be going today." Mom says chuckling a bit.

I am a bit confused, but it's here a feel a wave of warmth come over me. Oh yeah, that was today. "Oh right. Sorry." I say as I sit down and begin to eat, as Mom gets up and puts up the milk. The rest of the morning was the usual, as after I ate and used the bathroom, I returned to my room and get my phone. I text Jon to let him know that I won't be coming, but to just come over after school. He tells me not to worry, but leaves me on read after that. I sigh a bit, before blinking. A sudden wave of heat coming over me again. As I sit, I rub my leg a bit. The jean shorts ripped just enough to not be considered 'slutty' hug my legs and butt, a white belt tied around them. These were the longest pair I had, but what I used when I went out for stuff like this. I always hated skirts and jeans. And I wanted to change into my usual short shorts. But jorts would have to work for a bit. Until I get home anyways. As another warm feeling comes over me, I take the two ponytails of my wrist and put my hair into two pig tails, the pink ends looking cute. I had been born a natural blonde, but I think Pink looked good in it. Even tho I never wore anything pink before.

(Author's Note: Basically Jon will be making wishes without Karyn hearing them, and this branch will go along from her POV and how she see's things. And since she doesn't hear the wishes, this is all normal! )

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