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2. Questions! (New Version!)

1. You Are What You Wish

Questions (New Version!)

avatar on 2018-10-24 01:35:16
Episode last modified by Mr. C on 2018-12-14 15:34:00

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Entering his house, Jon is met with a familiar face.
Linda Madison, John’s 39 year old mother, turns off the vacuum to greet her eldest son. “Have a good day at school sweetie?”

She asks, her voice smooth and caring, exactly as how a mother should sound. Wearing a pair of grey hip hugging jeans, showing off her child bearing hips and bigger bottom nicely, but in a more relaxed way, with a simple pair of white panties. A dark blue sweater, fitting her frame nicely as well, her D cup breast a bit saggy, but is supported by a black bra that can only be identified by the strap bare on her shoulder. Blue flip flops flopped with each step, as her 138 pound body was far from fat, but more….’thicc’. As she wipes her shoulder length brown hair over her ear to get it out of her face, she quickly and expertly takes the ponytail off her wrist and puts her hair back.
“It was alright. Same old same old.” Jon says, trying to act as if everything was fine. As walks towards his stairs, Linda gives a sigh.

“I see. Well dinner will be up to you and Zoe. I have to head back to the office tonight to finish some paperwork.” She says pulling a twenty from her pocket and handing it to him. Jon nods, already knowing that pizza was for dinner.

Heading upstairs, he bumps shoulders with his sister Zoe. “Fuck out of the way!” She snaps, before slamming the door to her room. Zoe was a bit of a problem child in everyone’s eyes. Being a goth for about three years now, and gaining a bitchy and rebellious attitude with it. Wearing a black mini skirt with fishnets going down her pale legs, meeting with black 5 inch heels. A thong hid under her skirt, as a B cup bra hid behind a black ripped shirt, showing her arms and some of her belly with it. Her hair was cut short, dyed a pitch black with a single dark blue streak going over one eye. She had multiple piercings, three in her right eyebrow, multiple in both ears, a nose ring, a tongue stud, and a lip ring. However she wasn’t allowed to wear them at home when Linda was around. Her fingernails were painted black, as her makeup was quite light as is, yet still all black. Being 16, just two years younger than Jon, she was always screaming about how “It’s not fair! Jon is not that much older!” when he was left in charge.

Their father was not in the picture, due to an unfortunate accident when Zoe was born. Leaving the three to fend for themselves. Thankfully, Linda had a very good job as an accountant, and just got a raise last week!
As Jon enters his messy room, kicking his dirty close to the side as he tosses his bag by the closet, he lays on his bed with a big sigh.

Taking the stone out, he raises it up to study it more. Looking at the beautiful blue, as he gets lost in his own little world. It’s not long before a knock on his door snaps him out of his daze however, as Linda’s voice can be heard.

“I’m heading out Jon, I don’t know when I’ll be back. Don’t destroy the house while I’m gone!” And after another minute, her car can be heard leaving the driveway.
Now the fun can begin! Jon immediately hurries across the hall to Zoe’s room, opening the door slowly as he peaks in. The gothic dark room had only a few purple lights to be seen, as Zoe is lying on her bed with her headset in and eyes closed. Closing the door a retreating back to his room, Jon asks himself a very good question.
“What am I going to do with this thing?” He thinks for awhile, coming up with many ideas and tossing out others.
He then grins, as it hits him. That was a good question, but what if he could answer it...differently? Taking a breath, he speaks. The stone tight in hand.
“I wish that whenever I say ‘I do not know the answer.’ that my next wish will no longer have any effect. “I wish that whenever I ask a question that implies something that isn't true, it becomes true.”

He blinks a bit, as the stone flashes a bright blue before returning to its normal state. Smiling, he immediately looks around.

“Is it true that my room is clean?” Jon’s eye suddenly begin to water, as he is forced to close them. Upon opening them however, he noticed that his room is perfectly clean! His dirty clothes were all in a hamper, his clean ones folded and hung up, his bed made, everything!

He chuckles a bit, knowing he’d need to be careful. But, what to try it on next~?

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