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3. duh

2. what tomorrow brings

1. You Are What You Wish

"You know what I mean."

on 2005-01-14 18:41:27

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Jon flinched in expectation of what Nicole's wish would do, but suddenly a realization washed over him.

"What are you talking about, Nicole?" Jon said, "Of course I know how easy I have it, I'm a guy." Jon couldn't help but notice how dense she was. At least she hadn't made a dangerous wish. "Okay Nicole, you'd better give that back."

"You know what I meant, Jon!" Nicole said in a frustrated hush. "Geez, you're so high and mighty sometimes. I just wish that YOU had to wear skirts and tight clothes and makeup all the time."

Jon practically screamed as he felt his clothing shift. His gym shirt shrank to a tight fitting tank top, and he could feel a sports bra constricting his flat chest. Then his gym shorts crept higher up his legs, until they had become a pair of pink spandex training pants that were practically painted on.

"Jon! You... your outfit!" Nicole began shrieking, "What happened!"

"Shh! Nicole, quiet down. Just give me the rock and I might be able to fix this."

"Oh, Jon, I wish..."

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