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2. Finally... a wand storyline.

1. You Are What You Wish

A way out...

on 2000-11-13 09:12:51

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School the next day... well... it was weird for Jon and Karyn, for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it was strange because... it wasn't strange. They instinctively thought that everyone would suddenly be gaga for Karyn's new tits... but for most of the student body, they were old hat. Most of them saw those boobs sprout on her around the age of 13, etc, etc... to a large extent, they'd all always seen them. But... a few people did react... did know they weren't supposed to be that big but didn't react as though something HUGE had occured... simply as though they hadn't noticed.

At one point, Jon and Karyn wished to know why a few knew... about 5% of the student body noticed... and 80% of that were students who lived outside the several mile limitation... bussed in students... and the rest were magic or psionic latents. They marked those people off, hey, maybe they could use them to overturn the stone at some point.

Jon's life was only different to the extent that... well... people were now wondering why Karyn the babe was hanging around with him... Karyn had a somewhat different set of friends, slightly lower grades and a good number of suitors... but still, more or less the same.

They were able to wish away the change in her hair colour... by wishing for the past wish to have meant she'd wished for her hair to be DYED blonde... which gave her back her real hair underneath...

After school, they wished themselves a small sum of money (not risking anything) and got Karyn a cut and a dye job, to bring her hair back to what it was and would again be. The tits were a different story.

"Hey!" Jon realized... "Let's wish for a solution!"

"Yeah! But... we've gotta play this right... we've gotta wish for a solution that minimizes the damages of both itself and the past wishes... we've gotta wish for something that'll only change the affected area, that won't fuck with the past and that won't be affected by wording... it'll have to work by thought..."

And so they wished... and words popped in their heads.

"Warning: Idea will still work within the logic of the stone... it may undo the stone but can't undo itself or be undone by the stone... agreed?"

"Jon, did you just hear that?"


"You wanna?"

"Yeah, why not?"

So they wished together for an idea...

An area-specific body-mod wand, thought activated, no time-changes...

And they got it!

Karyn touched her chest with it and thought "Not SO big..." and her chest shrunk down from a nearly unrealistic double D... to a full but manageable 36 C cup... Karyn blushed as Jon looked at her, with maybe a little lust... maybe even more...


"You... you're still bigger than you were. And it looks... uhm... even better on you." Jon stammered... he actually thought the modestly large breasts looked better than both her old B cups and the ludicrious DDs combined.

"It suits you. It's like... that's who you're supposed to be."

Karyn blushed herself. "Well... I didn't say I didn't want a LITTLE something extra... I just didn't wanna look like a PORN STAR is all..."

The look exchanged between the two of them, Jon realized he now had a far better chance with slightly-modified Karyn than original Karyn or porn star Karyn... and, despite his being a romantic, he couldn't help but also think about sex as well...

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