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2. Karyn's Mistake

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's Mistake

on 2018-10-19 05:51:17

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Karyn snickered to herself on the way home. Jon had no idea what she did. To Jon it seemed like Karyn just handed the stone back to him and that was it. But in actuality Karyn briefly panicked thinking about the stone's power and quickly said to Jon "I wish you weren't paying attention for a minute". The stone glowed in her hands, and Jon suddenly started looking off at something in the distance with seemingly no awareness of what was around him. This was Karyn's chance to make some sort of wish that could get back at Jon. But she only had a minute before he would notice! She quickly tried to think of something that she could wish for. She thought to herself, how hilarious it would be if Jon wished for something but didn't hear his own wish so he had no idea that anything was different! There could be some potential fun there. So she quickly made the wish:

"I wish that Jon wouldn't remember making his next wish, and it would be like he had never heard the wish." Then the minute was up and Karyn gave the rock back to Jon.

When Jon got home he spent a bit of time debating about where to hide the stone before his Mom called him down for dinner. So he hastily shoved it to the bottom of his underwear drawer. It would do for now. Dinner was boring and unremarkable. Chicken and mashed potatoes. His mom remarked that he had been abnormally quiet. But Jon wasn't about to tell her that this was because he'd been thinking non-stop about what he wanted to do with the rock.

After dinner Jon paced around his room thinking hard about what to wish for. His brain was going in all sorts of different directions. The possibilities of the stone were limitless! But it was dangerous too. This was a huge responsibility. There were so many things about life that fascinated Jon. He wondered what his life would be like if things were different. But different in what way? He went though a ton of ideas, some really creative ones, some rather simple ones. There were so many interesting ideas how could he possibly narrow it down and pick one? He spent most of the evening debating with himself about all the ideas he had. After a few hours of internal debate he realized he was getting ahead of himself. He would have plenty of time to try out all sorts of wishes. He just had to pick an idea and go with it. Something had to be first after all. So he just went with his gut and picked an idea he thought was interesting enough to try first.

It also occurred to him to try and be safe so he should give himself an out. that way he would have an easy way to make things normal again if he wanted. So Jon quickly thought up a phrase uncommon enough that he was unlikely to ever say it accidentally, but simple enough that he wouldn't forget it.

"Alright!" he proclaimed, "Time to try out this wish". His heart was beating faster than it had ever beaten before.

He dug through his underwear drawer and touched the rock buried at the bottom. He closed his eyes and concentrated on phrasing his wish correctly.

"I wish that starting tomorrow, until I say the world "applecart" reality would change so th----" Jon suddenly spaced out.

He felt the stone get warm which woke him up. "Wait... why was the stone warm?" Jon thought... had he made a wish? He... he didn't remember making any wishes. But his hand was in his underwear drawer touching the stone. Why would he be doing that if he wasn't making a wish? The stone wasn't warm was it? No, it wasn't. Jon suddenly remembered with clarity. He had spent the last few hours searching for the perfect place to hide the stone, and he had just settled on putting it at the bottom of his underwear drawer. Jon felt a bit silly having spent so much time trying to find somewhere to hide the stone. But it was an important magical object, and he needed to keep it in a place where he knew other people wouldn't want to look. But wasn't there something he was going to wish for? No... he couldn't remember anything. He hadn't come up with any good ideas yet. Jon decided that maybe with something as serious as the rock he should really take his time coming up with the perfect wish. Maybe he was thinking too big before? Jon realised that it would probably be smarter not to rush into things. Maybe in the morning he could wish for some simple things to start with. Like maybe a wish to be ready for school more quickly. Or maybe a wish for Mom to make pancakes for breakfast. They were his favourite and he hadn't had them in a while. "Yeah". He thought to himself. "That would be enough to start with". He would see Karyn at school and then they could discuss some more exciting wishes to make. With that in mind Jon went to bed.

Karyn was in her bed about to fall asleep wondering to herself what Jon might have wished for. She couldn't wait to see the results! It would be so funny to see what Jon wished for with Jon being none the wiser! She quietly laughed. This was going to be so fun! She gradually dozed off into an excited slumber.

But Karyn made a huge mistake. She had forgotten how the stone worked. She wished Jon would forget his wish, but she had forgotten to wish to know what Jon wished for! She didn't think her wish through! As a result of Karyn's mistake Jon's wish would take effect with neither Jon or Karyn being aware of the changes. As far as they knew the world they would wake up to in the morning was completely normal.

Karyn and Jon were both sleeping when the clock ticked over from 11:59 to 12:00. Jon's wish quickly took effect.

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