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9. experimentation

8. well ya know...

7. Jon has a change of heart

6. Big Top Zoe

5. Testing It Out on Zoe

4. The power of boobs!

3. Getting even

2. Moral Issues

1. You Are What You Wish

Boob are always changing, some more than others

on 2010-05-18 00:00:09

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"Zoe can I, can I.... touch them?"Jon asked meekly.

"Well I guess you can as long as you don't do anything sexual with them." Zoe said as she stuck out her invisible chest. "Also don't be to rough with them."

"Wow they feel nice."Jon said as he placed his hands on her boobs as he positioned them to where her nipples would be. "Its so strange, they are just smooth all the way around nothing else is on them. I'm gonna try another thing." he said pointing again and it appeared as if nothing changed.

"What happened?"Zoe asked as she again felt up her invisible boobs again.

"I'll show you in a sec just stay still and don't touch them." Jon replied as he reached up to them and moved them, let go, steped back, and pointed at them. They immediately became visible again still the same physically except one was pointing straight up and the other was pushed to the far right.

"Jon what did you do?"

"Don't worry I just found out that I can alter more than the appearance, I made them unaffected by anything besides human touch. That includes gravity, wind and anything else you can think of. In fact lets test that right now." Jon said as he picked up an iron rod that had weird inscriptions on it and poked Zoe's chest with one end producing no movement from them.

"Wow that's so strange. I mean I can feel the cold iron touching my chest but looking at it nothing is moving at all. I mean its still pointing strait up. What's also weird is that usually my nipples would be rock hard if they were touched by cold metal but I don't have any nipples. Hey Jon try giving them a whack with that rod to see what happens." Zoe said and Jon obliged by lifting the rod and bringing it down with some force on her boobs as Zoe staggered. "OW, OW, OW! That hurt. I guess that means that I still feel pain and my boobs are only invincible but I still have to be able to back them up." Zoe said as she massaged her chest and repositioned her boobs in a more natural alignment. "Well Jon I guess this is nice but a little weird to have boobs that don't move so move on to the next change."

"I got just the idea" Jon said as he pointed at her again. This time her boobs simply dropped a little since they weren't supporting themselves and dropped in cup size until they were barely able to be considered A-cups. Also Zoe's tits reappeared on her chest though she was more concerned with the shrink that had occurred.

"Jon what's up with shrinking them I thought that if anything you would be making them bigger." Zoe said, "besides I know I don't like huge boobs but I don't want none.

"Oh don't worry about that I added in a little ability into it. All you have to do is trust me and let me do what I want to your nipple." Jon said as he moved toward his sister.

"Ok I guess. As long as you explain what your doing and what happened." Zoe stated.

"No problem just watch your left boob while I work on the right." Jon instructed as he bent down and put his mouth on Zoe's nipple. He then blew into it. He continued to take deep breaths as he blew on her nipple and her boobs continued to grow. B, C,D,DD-Cup and then Jon stopped blowing stood up looked at Zoe and said, "Inflatable breasts."

"Wow that's amazing! They feel completely real and look that way to. Its like they aren't full of air. Though once again I'm not a huge fan of big tits so how do I deflate them?" Zoe asked.

"Well Zoe they are 100% real with no air inside. It's only the action of blowing air that makes them grow, and as for deflating them its as easy as this. (though it may hurt a tad)"Jon said as he reached up to her Left nipple and twisted it as they both listened to the sound of air hisssing as her boobs lost size until they were back to her original B-cup and Jon let go they sopped shrinking.

"Wow Jon I think I want to keep this feature no matter what as long as there's no safety hazard. I mean this is great I can deflate them when I want to jog or play a sport. Inflate them when I want a little extra to keep up a dress or catch the attention of a boy. Then leave them my regular size for comfort I love it. At the rate your going I can't wait to see what you think of next." Zoe said while letting the rest of the air out of her boobs only to re-inflate them.

"Don't worry sis although the next idea isn't all that helpful it'll be a lot of fun."

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