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4. Nick returns

3. What the note said

2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

Nick's return

on 2005-03-23 20:13:17

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True to his word, twenty minutes later Nick was back with a grin and a shopping bag.

"What have you got there?" asked Megan, curious despite herself.

Nick grinned and pulled his purchase out of the bag. Megan blinked. "Nick! You dirty perv! But honestly, those things are expensive! What a waste of money!" She reached out and took the bra from him, looking at the label. "32F! Bloody hell!"

Nick laughed. "We can always take it back afterwards and get a refund. Besides, think of all the money we'll save on breast implants!"

Megan tried to look annoyed, but a smirk crept through. "Oh, is that so? And who says I want breast implants anyway?"

"You always said, you wouldn't have minded if mother nature had been a bit more generous!!"

Megan rolled her eyes. "I was thinking maybe a C-cup! I'm only 5'1" for goodness sake!"

Nick grinned. "So are you saying you're chicken?"

She rolled her eyes again. "Sheesh. Okay, give the stupid thing here!"

Megan took the medallion from Nick and slipped it over her head, then she took the pristine bra and touched the material to the medallion. And gasped...

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