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2. Moral Issues

1. You Are What You Wish

Moral issues

on 2000-11-08 05:03:54

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I had tossed and turned all night, the prospect of all this potential power was too much to allow me to sleep. Visions of ruling the world popped into my head, but who needs that. Then even darker sinister thoughts wiggled there way into my brain like a million worms. Dark fantasies, long sense dismissed by me as impossible suddenly seemed all too real. My mind spun all throughout the night. Deep dark desires wrestling with my ever weakaing morals. What was I to do, the world was my oyster and I was as spineless as any mollusk! Karyn! That's right she, was probably in the same moral dilemma as I was in. Karyn was so sweet how could I ever have gotten her into this damn mess. I kept thinking about Karyn, laying there playing with her new tits man I wished we had been more than just friends. We always got along so well and she would always talk to me about how hard it was to find a good guy, and all I was thinking at that time was "Hey, hello! I want to be with you!". Man I am such a losers. And again the evil seed that the stone had planted in me wormed its way back into my mind. I could have her, hell I could do what ever I wanted. Obviously I had reached a moral dilemma. In that half waking moment before you drift off to sleep I decided I was going to use the stone tomorrow, and I meant really use it, but how? I could tell buy the expression on Karyn's face she was less than trilled with her new anatomy, and mayby I should help her out. If I was clever enough I could get here back to the way she wanted, and she would love me for that. But then again with the stone she and the world were already ripe for the picking. Either way I figured it was time to grow a pair of balls. Tomorrow Karyn with any luck and that stone would be mine.

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