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2. Karyn's turn

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn Likes to Play

on 2000-10-11 09:37:50

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Karyn didn't think that me just sitting on this power was such a
good idea. She had plans for revenge on all the kids at school
who made fun of her before. She broke into my house and stole it while
I was asleep, but When I woke up she was right there.
"Karyn," I said, "what are you doing here."
She seemed sad and was slow to respond, "I had an accident."
"What" I said.
"Look," with that she pulled down the front of her pants to revel
a large penis. Karyn was in tears. "When I broke in I wanted to make my life
easier, I thought how unfair it was that your life was so much better just
because of your penis, so I kinda wished for one with out thinking. I forgot
I had the stone."
I held her and tried to make her feel better. "Well at least you still
look like yourself."
"Oh yah, with big tits blonde hair, and a dick," she started to cry harder.

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