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2. A novel idea. Literally.

1. You Are What You Wish

Fiction can be fun.

on 2000-10-09 20:50:04

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Jon just could get over the recent events that had so drasticlly changed his life. The power to have anything he wanted was a dream come true, but at the same time he feared makeing an error and being unable to fix it. If there was one thing he would wish for it would be that he could go on wild and strange adventures like the characters in movies and books, but at the same time not really risk his life or be trapped in the world of fiction with no way out. He wasn't even sure what fiction he'd want to participate in, or if he really wanted to do it. Jon wasn't stupid, he knew that dreaming about something and actually having to do it were two very different things.
"Even if I was sure I wanted to do something like that how would I word it so that I wouldn't get trapped?" He tossed and turned all night, unable to turn off his churning mind.

The following morning he met Karyn outside school and by the looks of her she hadn't slept real well either.
"Let me guess, you were thinking about it all last night too?" Jon said groggily.
"That, and the fact that it's no picnic trying to sleep with these cannonballs in the way." She point to her chest. "You have no Idea whats it's like. I kept jabbing, pinching and crushing them by accident. By my calculations they should look like dalmations from all the bruises. And don't get me started with the hair."
"Well I might have some answers to your problems. So I brought it with me, just in case you wanted to fix the changes."
"What did you have in mind?" Karyn asked, dreading any more mistakes.
"Well you said, you wanted long blonde hair right? Well I can ammend that statement to say you want long blond 'curly' hair that can be cut dyed and style like regular hair. That way you get the curl back, you can dye it red again if you want and you can cut it short again. And as for the other part of the wish," He blushed, suddenly unsure about discussing her boobs with her. "Well, uh, you said you wanted big boobs but you didn't say why they'd be big. So, the only thing I could come up with was to, uh, say that the increase in size was caused by.... " He broke off in a mummble.
"What was that?"
"That they were bigger because they were filled with milk. You could just drain them and be back to normal." He stammered.
"What? Milk, your kidding right? I'm not nursing a baby, and I'm definatly not a cow." She snapped. "Do you have a better solution. You could go with breast implants but that would need surgery to fix. You don't have a lot of choices here." Jon snapped back.
"I know, it's my own damn fault. But milking myself seems so stupid. But I guess it's better than my other choices. Alright hand it over and I'll try and fix this." She took the stone from his hand and began to make her wish. "I wish my long blonde hair was curly like before, and could be cut, dyed and styled like regular hair. And I wish that the reason my boobs got bigger was that they were slowly filled with... " Karyn had her eyes closed and didn't see a young girl trip and stumble into her. The girls lunch dumping out all over everything.
"I'm sorry, did I spill anything on you?" The girl asked apologeticly, before heading toward the school.
"Just a little rootbeer." Karyn flinched as she realised what she had done.
"Oh, shit." John said sympatheticly.
"Oh, thats just great. Take this thing and put it away before someone gets hurt." Jon put the stone in it's box, as she asked. When he looked at her again she had curly blonde hair, and didn't look too happy. "This is just great. My boobs got bigger because they were slowly filling with just a little rootbeer." But soon her scowl turned into a giggle.
"You're finding this amusing?" Jon was surprised.
"Well, how many girls do you know that have boobs filled with rootbeer?" They had to cut their conversation short as the bell rang for classes.

After school Jon sat waiting for Karyn. He was surprised when she walked out of the school with noticeably bigger breasts.
"What happened?" He was puzzled and shocked.
"Volleyball." Was her simple reply.
"What do you mean?" He said still confused.
"I mean, I had Volleyball in gym today. Guess what happens to rootbeer when it's shaken." She scowled.
"Oh my god. Are you alright?"
"I'll live but I am in serious need of milking. Or is that rootbeering." She tried to make a joke, but neither was all that amused.
Jon walk home with her, and discussed the ideas they had for wishes, and how best to avoid any problems. They were both glad when her breasts seemed to reduce in size, apparently the rootbeer was settleing down.

Jon looked at the box with the stone in it while he waited for Karyn to finish in the bathroom. So far things had gotten really strange, and he had a feeling that this was only the begining.
"Ahh, thats better. Man am I glad my mom still had her old breast pump in storage. That would have been really hard to do otherwise." Karyn said stepping out of the bathroom. She held up a large tumbler full of rootbeer. "Care for a drink." She teased.
"KARYN!" Jon was shocked that she would even suggest such a thing.
"Oh, grow up. It's just rootbeer. I'm not asking you to take it from the tap." She giggled as Jons face turned red. "Now seriously, I was thinking about what you said earlier about being able to live the adventures of a favorite story and I think I know how to do it. Here Let's write it all down first to work out any mistakes." She said pulling out a note book.

Karyn started by writing down: I wish to have the ability to enter books, movies, stories, TV programs and computer programs at will. I can assume the identity of any character or make a new character of my choice.

"Thats not bad. But we would only need to enter stories or text. We could write up any TV or movie we wanted to enter, and that way we don't have to worry about the tape getting erased. And we can write anything we can imagine. We might also want to be able to change the course of the story. But my biggest worry is that we risk death or injury while in some stories."
"Okay, good points. Maybe we should make a point to wish for automatic return to the real world unharmed when killed. And we can change the story anyway we want and choose to save the changes in a new book. Hey what if we made it possible to take things from the stories with us when we return. I mean it would be cool to get treasure and still have it when we come back."
"Good Idea, But we should come up with specific entry and exit commands."
Karyn wrote notes down on the page. She began to rewrite the statement.
"We wish to be able to enter any written story with the password of (Left blank) and to leave by saying the password of (left blank). We would be able to become anyone in the story, change the course of the story and save any changes we make. We can also take items out of the story with us if we want by useing the password (left blank). Should we get seriously injured or even killed in a story we automaticly return to this world one second after leaving and in perfect health. How does that sound?"
"I can't think of anything we left out, can you." Jon asked.
"Just the Passwords. Those are easy though. Yawa to enter a story (away backward), Emoh to return to this world (Home Backward), and Ytoob to bring items out (booty). What do you say we do this now." Karyn said picking up the stone.
They both held the stone and began wished together. They felt somthing in their eyes and knew it worked. Neither one of them had slept very well, and they were not really awake enough to realise the risk they were takeing. But with the wish made all they could do was see where things went from here. Jons mouth was suddenly very dry as he realised the fact that there was no going back. He picked up a glass on the table and took a long drink before he realised what he was drinking; Rootbeer.

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