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4. The world has been this way, j

3. the next morning

2. Jon wishes he was more like hi

1. You Are What You Wish

Still own the stone, now older sibling

on 2018-03-02 16:16:28

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I get up and look around checking my bra/panty drawer I find the stone, breathing out in relief that I have the stone, having a new awareness of myself as Zoe, I quickly on autopilot of what I do to get ready to be me, once dressed in a long black skirt, a tight black tank top, having my matching black bra and g-string panties, long black and purple knee socks and my comfy worn in black doc Martin's, doing a good, but quick job of doing my make-up and all piercings, I did notice the hard work she/I did at the gym to get and stay in shape, I thought of how I feel about Athena and even Karyn and how I want both in bed with me, a quick glance around my room and I spot my camera equipment, I have a gift for photography and won praise for my work, in the world of darkness, I take a final stock of it all and grab my bag with the stine in the bottom secure spot, Jon is at the bottom waiting for me and I realized I'm still the older sibling, and both Karyn and Athena are my friends we are actually lovers as well, both me and Athena are bi more into women, and Karyn is more into women, we leave and on the way driving I have a cigarette I couldn't fight the comforting urge as Jon says "there's my sister". I finish and drop the cig before driving into the parking lot I see my friends waiting for me by Karyn's car, once parked we have a few more minutes to talk as jon walks off, we discuss the stone all three of us know about it

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