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2. The magic bracelet

1. You Are What You Wish

Magic Bracelet

on 2018-09-27 19:26:43

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After a restless night Jon felt strangely energized but also scared. He had the stone but it was powerful. He could do anything, change anything.. but.. it was dangerous since wishes could not be undone. He new he had a good chance of getting stuck in some shape or form in something he didn't like. So what to do?

He could wish for time-frames or an un-do-able wish but what if he forgot? What if he wished something onto somebody and that person would retaliate somehow?

He needed something different. More safe, more manageable, limited to a specific thing it could do - like a talisman!

Then he thought about Karyn, she had been a good friend for such a long time, he would never hurt her but he had to admit the new hair and the boobs did make her look really nice. He could wish her to be her girlfriend but that was unfair and would be his fault. He couldn't do that. But what if he just wished up something that would change her? That could be completely reversible and it she would be cursed by an object - it would not be his fault...

A wish started forming in his mind. If he wished for a magic bracelet she could just pick it up and get cursed as long as she wore it. Take it off - no harm done.

So, he grabbed the stone and started to wish:
"I wish I had a magic bracelet that would curse the wearer for the time it is worn."

Good thing but what's a curse if you can easily break it?

"I wish the wearer of the bracelet is unable to remove the bracelet herself, others can remove it easily."
"I wish the wearer of the bracelet cannot talk about the bracelet while it is worn or indicate that it is doing something to the wearer. She has to say she likes wearing it and cannot ask for it to be removed."
"Oh, and I wish the wearer of the bracelet is unable to make wishes with the stone."
"Also, I wish that whoever touches the bracelet has an overwhelming urge to put it on."

ok, good. But what to change about her?

"Well, here we go. I wish the bracelet would curse the wearer...

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