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2. Freaky Duchess' Freaky Bodyswa

1. The Drafting Board

Freaky Duchess' Freaky Bodyswap Company

avatar on 2018-09-20 00:04:40

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You were wondering around , trying to find a job, which wasn't easy in Springfield. Then you come across a skyscraper that you for some reason had never noticed in your small town. The sign on front read FREAKY DUCHESS BODY SWAP ENTERPRISES. The name rings a bell to you but you can't seem to place it. ' Mostly rumors and whispers ' you think to yourself. "There is no way that company is real, " you say aloud once you remember where you heard the name from.

You remember reading an article somewhere about a secret corporation that will sell a person another persons life and body for the right price. Even the government had once tried to investigate the owner and founder , the mysterious Freaky Duchess. Nothing was ever found on her though and the investigation was dropped when the special agent claimed there was nothing to see and promptly quit the agency she worked for. " That was just a bad science fiction story... right?" , you say to yourself.

While checking out the front of the building you see a small sign in the corner of the window, HENCHMEN WANTED. Figuring a job is a job you head inside...

Walking in you see a state of the art building, the likes of which belong in a Megacity such as New York or London, not in your small little town. In the middle of the lobby is a central receptionist desk with a short blonde woman typing away at a computer with her back to you. You slowly approach the desk , being distracted by the sheer size and modern style of the large room, and cough trying to attract the ladies attention.

The woman turns around and you are stunned to see Hayden Panettiere working as a receptionist.

" Yo... You... You're Hayden Panetteire !!" you almost ( but not quite) shout with wide eyes.

" Yes I am now aren't I ?" she says back to you with a sparkle in her eye and a big smile on her face, " and you are... ? "

Your choices are ...

Nathan Smith - a 20 yo college student . Caucasian , dark hair , brown eyes. Wants to be a dramatic actor.

Kelsey Cable- 49yo retired Human Resources Director at a local factory. Twice divorced. Two daughters aged 29 and 24. 5' 9" , 118lbs , bottle blonde hair, green eyes. Often called 'Business Barbie' behind your back. Retirement fund pays all her bills, wants some play money and entertainment. Bored of day to day humdrum.

Lynn Akins- 17 yo cheerleader for the local high school. 5'4' 105lbs. , Asian-American. Typical girly girl who still doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, only that she wants out of this town.

Tom Higgins- 35 yo laid off factory worker. Ran out of money and is desperate to find work. 6'0" . 200lbs, fit with red hair and brown eyes.

Megan Johns- 33 yo Married mother of three. Caucasian, dark red-brown hair, blue eyes, 110lbs and 5'7". Has 'mom body' from three children, but very much a MILF. Feels trapped in her life and desperately wants something exciting.

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