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3. A new way to control the rock

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Sometimes sleeping on it really does work

on 2001-06-23 12:42:25

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Jon awoke the following morning with a flash of inspiration. Perhaps there is something to working in your sleep, he thought. The stone couldn't effect changes to the initial wish but what if that wish was made specifically to be reversible? Well, he thought, there couldn't be much harm in trying, could there?

He reached for the rock, and then looked up at a red shirt hung by his door. "I wish that shirt would be blue for the next thirty seconds". Obligingly, the shirt turned blue. Jon held his breath as the clock ticked and the shirt returned to its original colour. "Yes!" exclaimed Jon, as loudly as he dared. Then for part two.

"I wish that shirt would be red until I wanted it to return to normal". Once again the shirt changed colour. Taking a deep breath, Jon closed his eyes and willed it back to normal; to his immense relief, it complied. Leaping out of bed, he dressed himself as quickly as possible. Having found a way around his problem, he could investigate the rock's full powers further.

It being a Saturday morning, Jon was free to choose his plans for the day. A quick phone call told him that Karen was already out, and that she'd headed out shopping. Deciding that whatever he did with the rock, it was best to keep it with him, Jon pocketed the strangely enscribed box in which he'd received the magic stone "“ that at least should stop him making any accidental wishes. Heading into the center of town, plans and ideas began overflowing in his imagination.

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