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3. Jon's a little pervert...

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon, the pervert....

on 2001-05-27 22:19:11

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The next morning, Jon struggled to wake up. His dreams struggled to let loose. "What would it be like to be someone else, like, ugh, a morning person."

Jon looked at the rock. "I wish I had the abilities to swap bodies with anyone I choose, and while I'm in someone else's body, this rock can only be used by ME. And by me, I mean the body my mind posseses. For example, if I desired to be, let's say Karyn, only my mind in Karyn's body would be able to use the rock until I switched back."

He felt the rock grow hot. Now, he felt like using his new power...who will he be first?

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