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4. Masks

3. The next morning...

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Not only Majora's

on 2010-07-09 22:42:21

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After arriving at the campsite cabin and settling in Jon and Karen got to brainstorming for new ideas.

"We could have superpowers?" Karen suggested.

"Yeah but we have to be able to reverse things. Also I want the first idea to be extremely creative. Like, like.... oh i don't know kept getting ideas." Jon replied.

"We could make a shrink ray!"

"But it would be to big for us to use to get back to normal."

"A transformation gun?"

"To risky, to much could go wrong and we could be stuck in a bad form for the rest of our lives."

"How about a cloning machine?"

"I don't want to create people out of thin air. Besides how would we get rid of them?"

"Well why don't you get an idea since your so fast to shoot down mine!" Karen said frustrated.

"I GOT IT!" Jon exclaimed "Something easy to do with no repercusions. It uses some of the ideas you already had but leaves no room for interperetation by the stone. We would stay the same way mentally and could get superpowers if we wanted."

"Well I'm game if you really thought of something so foolproof." Karen replied.

"Great then I wish that we had a walk in closet full of Masks of various people we know, random people from across the world along with various masks of fictional characters. Along with these there will also be animal masks and masks of made up species. I wish all of the masks were arranged in an organized manner. Finally I wish that all these masks in the closet, when worn, change the wearer into what the mask represents just like in zelda majoras mask except these masks come off whenever the wearer chooses them to and these masks are indestructable." Jon said and a large flash emilated from the rock and when it settled there was a new door in the wall.

"Well that was a long wish. I don't quite follow you completely but from what I can muster we change into whatever those masks are a representation of when we put them on." Karen said.

"Well ya pretty much. I figured that were going to alter ourselves and this will give us a larger variety along with things we hadn't thought of." Jon said as they stepped inside the closet. There really were masks of every concievable thing. From a blond girl to a skeleton mask. The posibilities seemed endless.

"This will definatly keep us busy. Well it was your idea I think that you should be the first one to test this." Karen said as she spotted a mask that looked like her and began to inspect it.

"Fine I guess its only fair." Jon replied as he snatched the Karen mask and walked out of the closet blindly putting on the mask

"Wait what are you doing thats a mask of me!" Karen shouted but it was to late. Jon had put the mask against his face. The world was dark for Jon then pain crept upon him. He star let out a yelp of pain that changed tones as it escaped his mouth, from a mans voice to a high pitched womans. Then, just as quickly as it had come the pain left his body and he became aware of himself once more. He stood up and felt a forein weight on his chest. "Wish enhanced breasts" he thought as gave them a squeeze and opened his eyes to see Karen staring at him.

"Well it works. I'm the exact copy of you down to the last hair on your head. God this feel weird hearing your voice coming out of my mouth. You OK Karen?" Jon asked worried.

"Yes Jon now please just change back I don't like seeing myself move around." Karen pleaded.

"I really don't know. That hurt making that transformation and i want to rest a little if the return trip is going to be just the same." Jon said as he examined himself in the mirror. He looked exactly like karen did and when she walked up next to him it only emphasized how magical the mask was. Staring back through the mirror were two Karen's. One with her regular clothes on the other with Jon's. Both with a similar look of amazement on their faces.

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