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12. A Way Out

11. World of Pokémon: the Lab

10. A pokemon sub-world

9. She wants to visit the Travell

8. So, what do you think?

7. First Impressions?

6. Meeting Suzie

5. Maybe Later

4. Job Search

3. David, the beginner

2. Entering Ether

1. The Future of Gaming

A Way Out

avatar on 2018-09-05 07:27:57

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Wait a minute I thought, I could just wait for the immersion reminder to send me back to the real world.

So I waited for what seemed like an age. "<It shouldn't take this long for the reminder.>" I whined.
Then some faint voices drew closer. "Hey, it's that thing from the games, ---" was all I could make out before the low humming sound started up again.
There was the bright flash again, but before I could see what happened, I was presented with the immersion reminder prompt.
Without hesitation I confirmed that I wanted to exit the game.

There was a falling sensation, then the feeling of the chair beneath me, and the weight of the FOG headset on my head.
I saw the words flash on the tiny text screen, "Thank you for playing. TIME UNTIL ALLOWED RE-CONNECTION [11h 59m]"

Lifting the headset off, something was very wrong. I wasn't in my room, The walls were painted a light blue colour, there was a bookcase full of books and movies I'd never owned, the computer hooked up to the FOG headset looked much more high end than my crappy setup.

That's when I noticed, I wasn't in my own body! And worse than that, this body wasn't even male.
I started to freak out, who's body was I in. who, if anyone, was in MY body. could I even get back?!

Focusing on my breathing I calmed myself down. okay, just gotta take it slow and figure out what happened

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