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5. Karyn says yes.

4. Jim has a bright idea.

3. After school the next day

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Two of a kind.

on 2000-08-10 01:25:04

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Karyn stood up slowly. "That would let me be - exactly what I want to be?"

"As you were before, if you want."

"Then do it."

I took the stone out and held it up. "I wish Karyn was a shape-shifter; with the knowledge to safely use her new power."

I felt the usual blink and look away reaction; then watched an expression of amazement grow on her face.

"Let me start simple," Karyn said. "Tell me if it works." And her hair began to grow longer. And changed to a dark red color.

"Neat! Waist length red hair!" I shook my head as I put the stone back in my pocket. "But we will have to be careful. People will notice any new forms we take."

Karyn's body returned to her pre-wish look. "You're right. We can have a lot of fun; but we will have to do it in private." She winked. "Or assume some kind of secret identities."

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