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3. Freshmen class meet the new gi

2. Camwood university

1. The Drafting Board

Camwood University: freshmen class meet the new girls

on 2018-03-01 04:29:57

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Amber Williams was at the bus stop waiting for the the bus to take her to Camwood university an all female university where she would spend her next four years. Amber didn't even really want to go to Camwood, but her parents insisted considering it offered tuition,housing etc all free of charge, her mother also really liked Camwood because of the strict rules and she thought it might help amber get over her "phase". Amber liked rock and metal, went to the concerts, wore band shirts, bought the albums and hung the posters up in her room, and her mom never considered that normal and just a phase her mom hoped she would be more like her at that age, a varsity cheerleader popular girl
prom queen etc but amber had disappointed her. Amber pulled her long dark brown hair into a pony tail as the bus arrived, the bus which happened to be a pretty small bus stopped in front of her and amber entered the bus.

Amber was greeted by the driver who was an older overweight woman,amber quickly took a seat and looked around, the bus seemed relatively empty there were only 5 other girls on the bus. Amber looked around and faced a red headed girl 'what's your name?' the red head asked 'Amber Williams yours?' Amber replied, 'im Jessica Watson' the red head replied 'thats Alexis Garcia' Jessica said pointing to the Hispanic girl behind her Alexis waved to her, 'thats Brittany Stevens' Jessica said pointing to the blonde in the corner Brittany rolled her eyes and said 'whatever weirdos', 'thats Courtney' Jessica said pointing to the brunette sitting behind Brittany who just smiled, 'and that's Mia li' Jessica said pointing to the asian girl in the back who seemed to be to busy with her make up to even respond.

Jessica is a very social person always tried to start a conversation with everybody, she was nice to most people and rarely angry most of the time she stayed relatively upbeat and positive. Jessica had natural long red hair and hazel colored eyes a great body and C cup sized breasts. Jessica is attending Camwood by request of her parnets.

Alexis is a Cuban American girl and an A student aceing all of her classes in high school,she was never very popular but that wasn't because she was unattractive or anything in fact she was beautiful but very reserved and focused on school work so she never made many friends or developed many relationships. Alexis has a brown light brown complexion that is common in many Hispanic woman, long black hair,brown eyes, D cup breasts and she its short standing at 4'8. Alexis had the grades to go to most universities including ivy league universitys but her family is very poor so they went with Camwood.

Brittany was a kind of a stereotypical preppy girl she has a sense of entitlement and thinks she is better than most people based in her looks and social status,she also isn't a very pleasant person to be around if she doesn't like you. Brittany has long blonde hair,blue eyes, DD cup breasts and an awesome body. Brittany is attending Camwood because her parents didn't want boys to be a distraction for her.

Courtney is a very artisy girl always reading or drawing most of the time she isn't a very social person. Courtney has long brown hair, green eyes and a great body. Courtney is attending Camwood because she needed a change of pace and needed to be far from home.

Mia is a Asian american girl she is entirely obsessed with looking good always making sure her make up is fixed and she is always at the gym. Mia has long black hair,brown eyes and a toned body from her consistent activity in the gym.

'bus driver lady why couldn't we just use our own transportation to get to Camwood? ' Brittany asked the bus driver ' my name is Ms. Wallace not bus driver lady and because Camwood is secluded and really hard to find at times and once you arrive at Camwood you aren't allowed to leave campus' the bus driver replied. 'I'm also supposed to instruct you girls to open your pamphlets for your instructions on where to go and where you will be staying when you arrive on campus' the bus driver said, the girls opened the pamphlets and began reading they are all going to be in a sorority called 'beta phi' the building they will be staying in is the oldest on campus but also the biggest, the girls then began to read the rules which read "no cellular devices or computers,no exploring campus grounds past 10 PM,no disrespecting professors or authority, no leaving campus, and most importantly NO boys".

After what had seemed like forever they had finally made it to Camwood which was very secluded and oddly enough looked like the set to a horror movie. The bus pulled up in front of the beta phi house, the girls grabbed their things walked out of the bus and prepared to enter the house.

(This chapter is basically to introduce girls)

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