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3. Morning Dispute

2. They each sleep on it

1. You Are What You Wish

Tuesday Morning Blues

on 2000-08-05 15:22:10

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The next morning, I met up with Karyn on the way to the school for Tuesday's classes. "Hey, Karyn."

"Hey, Jon-boy." She yawned and rubbed her eyes. She lowered her voice. "Did you bring the stone?"

I nodded and pulled the box out of my backpack, and from it the stone. "What's wrong? You look kinda frazzled."

"Didn't sleep too well." She glanced at her chest and reddened just a touch. "And I had to spend extra time on my hair this morning." She sighed. "That was a stupid wish -- I want to be back to normal!"

"I don't know -- you know wished can't be undone."

"I know, but I spent some time last night trying to think of ways around it while I couldn't sleep." She looked hopeful. "I think I only wished I had ... well, the changes. Well, I've had them. Maybe I can wish to not have them any more, because it's not like I wished that I'd be like this forever."

"Then why didn't it work on the branch when I wanted it to change colors?"

Karyn looked pensive. "Maybe it's because other folks always remember the wishes as being normal? All my clothes had changed when I got back to fit me, and all my photos of me were blonde. Maybe we can't really undo that."

I thought about that for a moment. "Worth a try, I guess." I stopped walking for a moment and looked around to see if anyone was nearby, then held the stone in my hand. I spent a moment thinking carefully, "I wish that Karyn had had long blonde hair and big boobs and that those will soon change to become the hair and breasts that she really wants to have."

I held my breath, then found myself blinking and looking away briefly as something happened to Karyn. She looked down at herself and exclaimed, "Nothing happened?"

Shaking my head, I said, "Something happened. Maybe we just have to wait a bit -- I did say soon. Guess I should have said immediately." I sighed. "But something did happen, so maybe at least something will work out right this morning."

Karyn blinked at my tone of voice, her problem momentarily forgotten. "Something wrong?"

"Yeah, well. Another fight with my mom. She says I ought to study for law school or medical school. Become a lawyer or doctor. I don't want to be one of those!" I scowled and kicked a rock. "She's been getting information on all the colleges. I just wish I could be what I wanted to be."

Karyn was looking at me, then suddenly gasped -- I realized I was still holding the stone.

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