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2. Tomorrow? What's tomorrow?

1. You Are What You Wish

An Ironic Fate

on 2018-08-05 17:55:26
Episode last modified by adianjayz on 2018-08-05 17:55:37

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As Jon is investigating the stone from every perspective on his way home, he fails to notice that he is walking the street on a red light! A moving truck, hoping to make it past the intersection before traffic light turns, speeds toward the intersection. Noticing Jon at the last moment, the truck driver tries to apply the brakes, but there is too much inertia to stop. While looking at the stone, Jon heard the last words, "WATCH OUT!", before blacking out. When he seems to awaken, he sees his deformed body lying at the intersection while the truck driver and passerbys came over to his aid. Jon is wondering why he is floating above them when he notices that his figure is somewhat translucent.

Is he really dead? Is he a spirit? Jon tries to call out to the people gathered at the intersection, but they do not respond.

Jon feels that he had so much to accomplish in this world. He inherited the stone from his grandfather (which, ironically, led to his death). He dreamed of becoming a famous video game designer in the future. He has not said good bye to his family and friends.

Jon has so much untapped potential and loose ends to his life. Watching then go unfulfilled is enough to lead Jon to tears.

As Jon is about to burst into tears, he notices that his form is starting to wane. His spirit could maintain itself in this world for more than a couple of minutes, it seems. Despair quickly turns into panic as Jon nervously ponders his next move. He does not want to disappear from this world, but his current form stands no chance of rectifying his situation. He then recalls that spirits might have the ability to possess bodies. It should allow him to communicate with his friends and family. It might even fulfill some of his wishes, provided that he possesses the right people. But now is not the time to think. He must choose a body before his spirit completely dissolves. Surveying the current people at the intersection...

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