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2. Steven's Homeworld Homecoming

1. The Drafting Board

Steven's Homeworld Homecoming

on 2018-07-30 03:35:22
Episode last modified by codingTravesty on 2018-07-30 03:36:17

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Steven had moved into his new home. Well, “moved into” wasn’t right. More like, “been Captured and confined”. As was “his new”. A better way to put that would be “his mom’s old”. Steven had recently been captured and confined into his mother’s old home. There, that was better.

He’d been stuck there for what felt like hours, maybe days even, and passed the time by throwing his sandals up in the air, trying to get as many spins out of a single throw as possible while still catching it before it’d hit the ground. He’d made it to about seven so far, and was working his way up to eight when White Pearl entered the room in that giant bubble that looked pretty dang close to her namesake.

He held up one of the sandals behind him, ready to throw it at this Pearl’s face. She responded with the same muted, unresponsive grin that she always wore. She slid along the floor with her hands held high gracefully as Steven tried to put on a brave front for about three seconds before the façade slipped from his face, as did the other sandal that was in the air when it hit his head. White Pearl didn’t react to this either.

“White Diamond has requested your presence, Pink Diamond.” White Pearl stated curtly and politely.

“Oh, um, ok, could I get some food p-” Steven asked meekly, cut off by the bubble surrounding them, floating off towards White Diamond’s palace.

When the bubble popped, Steven was looking up once again at that towering figure above him, White Diamond. She smiled as if he were her own son, daughter? Point is, she seemed very happy to see him again.

“Starlight, how lovely for you to surprise me with a visit!” She boomed, her voice tinny in his ears.

“But you-” Steven tried to say.

“Oh don’t worry, Starlight, it’s no trouble at all, you can visit me any time, you know this!” White Diamond proclaimed. He didn’t.

“I also have a surprise for you! And I just know you’re going to love it!” the joy in her voice would be so calming if he knew she respected him enough for him to speak.

“I’m giving you a makeover after your whole adventure! You’ve come back absolutely filthy, almost unrecognizable even! We need to fix this right away. So, we’re going to pick a new look for you, a new you, and it’s going to be just perfect!”

What did White Diamond have in mind?

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