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9. Sissy Curse: Lips

8. Finding Karyn

7. Hair Styling

6. The Sissy Curse.

5. A Sister's Curse

4. The next morning

3. My Sister the Witch

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Sissy Curse: Lips

avatar on 2018-07-18 13:33:01
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"Here we go!" Karyn said happily, returning to her room. She put a tube of lipstick, a tube of lipgloss and a notebook in front of him. "Since I don't normally wear lipstick, we'll borrow some of Mom's. My lesson to you is going to be about putting on your lipstick."

She proceeded to teach Jon how to do his lipstick, getting him to repeatedly apply it and take it off until she was satisfied. It was a good 30 minutes or so before she decided that it was passable. Jon looked at his reflection where he saw his now ruby-red lips staring back at him.

"Remember Jon, this rule is just for you: If I'm around other people, I need to be wearing lipstick." Karyn smiled.

"Just for me?" Jon asked.

"Yep, these are rules for you to follow, but while the rest of us girls don't have to keep up with every one of them, you will." Karyn replied, "Now write your rules down and let's get going. We don't want to actually be late."

Jon looked at the notebook. Not only was it small enough for him to easily fit it into most pockets, the cover was bright pink. With little choice in the matter, he took a pen out of his pocket and wrote down the rules he had to follow, Karyn dictating them as he went.

1. Behave and you become a girl. Misbehave and you become a sissy.
2. Keep your hair styled and presentable at all times.
3. If I'm around other people, I need to be wearing lipstick.

Once he had written them down, Karyn grabbed the notebook and put it in Jon's bag, before pulling him out of the house.

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