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9. Lunchtime

8. Karyn's Morning

Sarahfication: Saturday at the mall

on 2012-04-29 20:20:45

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Jon and Sarah went back to Sarah's room, happy that they could be together. "What do you want to do today?" Jon asked.

"Like duh, the mall." Sarah, replied as they walked into the bathroom together. "But before that, lets get all clean." She mused as she kissed Jon. They stepped into the shower together, and began a new morning ritual. One of heavy kisses and thorough scrubbing. As they did so Jon began to gain more memories, of many mornings in this home, of Sarah's mom and dad, and of a childhood as a girl. When the "cleaning" was done they got out of the shower. "Sarah, I think I'm getting all of your memories, during the shower I remembered your childhood, and it replaced my old childhood. I can't even remember my old mom's name anymore. How are we going to explain that we both have the same memories?"

Sarah began to think. "I know, we can wish that you have always been my identical twin sister. I've always wanted a sister anyways."

Jon picked up the stone out of her lump of clothes. "I wish that I have always been Sarah's identical twin sister, and we have lived in the same room all our lives." The stone warmed then returned to normal. Jon's breasts began to grow until they reached Sarah's DD. The two girls were now exactly the same physically. The wish combined with the previous wishes to complete the transformation. As Jon's body finished transforming she felt her memories change much more quickly. Sarah and Jon gained a set of new memory of her and Sarah growing up together. However they still retained their previous memories as well since they heard the wish. Sarah's personality completed it's slow take over of Jon's personality. Jon felt everything that made him Jon fade. Sarah began to gain complete control of Jon's body. The old Jon smiled "It's done, we are sisters now."

"This is great Jarah!" Sarah shouted as she hugged "Jon".

"I'm Sarah now, just like you, there is no more of Jon in me." The new Sarah said.

"Hmmm, well that will get confusing if we both have the same name... Sarah."

"You right Sarah, well we both know that I used to be Jon, so I guess it would make sense that I change my name. Why don't you name me." The new Sarah said as she kissed the other mushing their large breasts together.

"Well it should be similar, I want there to be as little difference from us as possible."

"I can agree with that." The new Sarah giggled afterwards.

"Hmmm, how bout Kara."

"Sounds perfect to me. I wish that my name is and has always been Kara." The new Sarah felt her memories shift slightly to allow for the name change.

With that little problem solved Kara and Sarah left for a day at the mall.

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