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2. Jon wants to be a girl and kar

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's secret fantasy

on 2018-06-29 18:49:12

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Jon laid awake in his bed thinking how can he make his secret fantasy come true his fantasy is for him to be female and Karyn(sorry if I spelt that wrong) to be the same as she is now long blond hair big boobs but for her to also to have a dick and to fuck Jon (or Jody as she will be named )and get her pregnant and eventually be her wife.

Jon grabs the rock I wish I was a hot girl named Jody and that Karyn had a dick and was in love with Jody (me) and confesses her feelings and fucks me and becomes my she male girlfriend and in 2 years the mother/father of my children and in 3 years my she male wife.

The rock flash's and Jon now forever Jody catches his/her breath she looks at herself in the mirror that is now in her room.

She is wearing a pink nightie and pink panties and she has long red hair
Her hand slides down her panties she inserts one finger then two then three imaging Karyn fucking her with her big 12 inch cock trusting in and out in and out the Cumming inside her at that point she has her first female orgasm then her second then her third then she wishes that she and her bed are clean then falls asleap

She wakes up gets dressed in her school uniform has some toast then she heads to karyns.

When karyn answerers the door she drags Jody upstairs the kisses her on the lips Jody kisses back and says I love you Jody Karyn says I love you too Karyn

Jody then pulls down karyns pants and starts to suck Karyns hard 12 inch dick she bobs up and down on karyns dick getting 6 inches down she sucks faster rubs karyns balls and Karyn explodes Jody happily drinks karyns spunk and starts to give Karyn an hand job and its back at 12 inches she says fuck me karyn pulling off her skirt and tights and panties karyn lines her dick up with Jody's vagina and says ready Jody replays as ever karyn starts to thrust in and out of Jody's pussy faster harder Jody moans karyn obays thrusting faster and harder than ever before in and out in and out karyn tells Jody she's close Jody says do it inside me karyn says OK I'm cumming Jody says me too they kiss and exchange I love us then fall asleep in each others arms when the wake up that realism they missed school and quickly wish that everybody thinks they are sick and won't be back at school till Monday that have a few more days to enjoy their new relationship.

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