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2. Jon prepares for his sexual fa

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon prepares for his sexual fantasies

on 2018-06-18 02:56:21
Episode last modified by NathanBrazil on 2018-06-18 04:42:52

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As Jon stared sleepless at the ceiling in his bed, he came to a conclusion. If this stone really was all powerful, why should he limit himself to these people, this place, this form. School and friends had now become obsolete. He liked Karyn more than liked in fact, but she had never returned his hints to be anything more than friends. It was there last year in high school and not once had they even done more than a light kiss on the cheek. Jon had been left a sex starved with no outing but the magazines and tissues hidden under his bed. Of course this was commonly felt by many his age who hadn't the guts to try and date people they hardly knew for the bleak chance of getting laid. But Jon now had the power to make his wildest sexual fantasies a reality. He decided he would keep Karyn along, but they would never be equals, he was going to rule it all.


Jon was no idiot, he could not afford to be careless. First he wished that him, and only him, could use the stone. The stone shined and hummed softly for a second, confirming to Jon it had worked. Second, Jon knew he would later want to completely indulge himself to his fantasies so he could not risk accidentally making a wish while... preoccupied. Therefore, he wished that he could make wishes just by thinking in his mind, "I wish, using the power of the stone, ..." that way, he did not technically have to have a mouth or hands to use the stone, and it would be very hard to accidentally think that though without meaning it. "I wish that I could live forever and that this wish can also be cancelled out with another wish." He added that last part just in case but he was confident, if at went accordingly, he would never want to use it. "Finally, I wish that I can shape shift into any form I want just by imagining it in my mind in." The stone hummed and glowed once more. Jon's body started changing immediately, his hips growing curvier, his hair growing and sliding down his back, his penis shrunk into his body and replacing a soft vagina, he could feel his muscles and bones shrinking and stretching to a more feminine structure. Jon rushed over to his mirror and gasped. He was the spitting image of Karyn, exactly as he imagined. Jon then imagined himself as he though he would at 21 years old, with well defined muscles and a 7 inch while flaccid penis. His body stretched and grew once more and he looked exactly as intended. Things were coming along smoothly. Jon rubbed his hands together and popped a boner just thinking of what he was going to do next.


Grandpa had warned him about making wishes that changed the world. Jon could understand the statement so he settled for something slightly less than that. "I wish for a mega mansion on the moon with everything it needs to make it habitable and is invisible to everything and everyone except for those inside it and I can teleport anything and anyone into anywhere in it with the snap of my fingers. Wow that was a mouthful." Jon decided to teleport himself to it, in the case there was no air he would be fine because he had already wished himself to be immortal. With the snap of his fingers he was instantaneous transported. He felt lighter, which was expected due to the gravity of the moon, before looking forward he wished for gravity inside the house to be the same as on Earth, he felt more comfortable after that. He was currently in a fancy modern living room that a full length window running across the back with a nice view of Earth and space. White couches and bean bags encompassed a metal smoothed out coffee table. To his right a fancy kitchen and a hallway, to his left a staircase leading elsewhere. It was good enough for now.

An Unforeseen Problem

Jon sauntered into the first rate chefs kitchen. He noticed the fridge and shelves were stocked with a variety of foods. He spoke, "I wish for a three Michelin star chef to appear and to make me lunch." Suddenly a frightened man in his pajamas appeared with a toothbrush in his mouth. The man spit out and trembling began to grab various ingredients off the shelves. Jon was upset, this was not what he wanted he thought, he wanted someone new to appear but the stone seemed to have just picked up a man from Earth to do his bidding. Jon wished the man back home after he had finished making a top notch salad and with no memory of the experience. After further testing, Jon concluded that the stone could not create new life but could change and warp it so that it essential was a new person. This was going to be a problem as he planned on having rooms full of different people and things. Animals could be turned into people but they would be stupid beyond belief, lacking the natural instinct that they previously relied on. He also found out when he tried to give a deer the shape and memories of a cook it still could not even hold cutlery. He concluded that brain manipulation was actually some sort of magical hypnosis so anything beyond the capabilities of the animal would simply result in the stone replacing it with the brain of person, something Jon had to reverse several times. Jon was now presented with a problem, he wanted lots of people to fill his mansion for his own sexual pleasures (he got a boner just thinking about it again) but could not create them from thin air nor did he want to use people unwilling or undeserving. Jon contemplated using convicts and murderers but decided he did not want to give them even the satisfaction of being fucked by him, he would come up with other plans later for them. No, those he choose to be his sex slaves would only be those willing to under go transformations and live in a sex filled paradise. He knew there were plenty of weirdos on deviant art and the like that would kill for a chance to participate in something like this, not to long ago he would have as well.

The Solution

All though Jon could have thought it in his head, it was long enough to worry him that he might forget a part of the wish so he took a deep breath and spoke, "I wish for a website that everyone knows about but doesn't find weird where people 18 and over and with uninfluenced consent could sign over themselves to become my sex slaves, with the promise of transformations and sex beyond there hearts desires, and word it in a way that it comes off less creepy than that, on sign up time freezes for them and they are to be stored in a room in this mansion dedicated to this process for which they will wait to be unfrozen on my command and everyone will not find it strange that they suddenly disappeared." Jon immediately rushed to a nearby room where the wish had told him people would be stored. The room was one of many in the hallway, this one happened to be a gaming room complete with every console and a beasty computer in the corner. He had no use for it however and wished it to be much larger in the inside then it appeared and void of all furnishings. The room shifted into the size of a gymnasium with the paper white walls and granite floors that were commonplace through out the house. He was suddenly very glad he had made the room larger because seconds later the room started filling up with hundreds of people frozen in time. In fact, to many people. Quickly, Jon wished for a switch in the room that controlled the servers for the website, wherever they where. He flipped it to the off position and instantly the room stopped filling up with people, Jon would have no problem finding willing participants for his sexual fantasies.


He felt it was time to deal with Karyn, she had been a pressing concern of his up until know and still wasn't sure what to do. He wanted her to love him, but he wanted it to be real, she was to be more than just a sexy love machine, that is what the website was for. She was going to be what kept him grounded to reality. He snapped his fingers and in front of him appeared Karyn, still with the slightly larger boobs. She was asleep and in a pink heart spotted nightgown. With a groan she opened her eyes, the shift from comfy bed to hard floor must have been enough to wake her up Jon thought.
"Wu- Where am I?" she whispered to herself. Suddenly scared and wide awake she turned to face the strange naked man in front of her. She was about to scream but a thought occurred to her. "Jon, is that you?" The strange man began shrinking, the muscles slowly dissolving into the pale white skin. Jon replied, "Yes its me, as you can see I have been quite busy with the stone."
Karyn relaxed when she realized it was Jon, she slowly looked around, "This is a really nice place... Wait! Is that the Earth! Are we on the MOON!"
John laughed, "Yeah you like it?" An uncomfortable pause. "Heh heh, yeah..., well listen, there's something we need to talk about." Jon was uncomfortable, he realized he still didn't have a plan of any sort, and he had just gotten use to playing God, and here he was struggling to come up with a way to convince his best friend to love him without changing her... too much.
Karyn was worried, "Oh no! Has something bad happened, what did you do with the stone!"
"What? No! Everything has been going great, I haven't done anything drastic, it has nothing to do with that. Listen... I want you to love me, I know I could do that with the stone but I want it to be real, you know? Soon things are going to get pretty crazy up here, but I want you to enjoy it with me. Karyn? Will you be my girlfriend? If you don't want to, you can leave, I won't stop you, but I will erase your memory of this place"
Karyn was silent for a long time, "I am flattered that you decided to not use the stone on me. It means a lot but..., before I give an answer, what do you plan to do up here?"
Jon found no reason not to come clean with Karyn, if her heart was not in for what he planned for the both of him, she should be here in the first place. "At the moment, I have willing participants for any kind of sexual fantasy we could ever dream up, an orgy of Cat women in one room, Gender swapping in another, we could absorb one another in a slime filled paradise, or make out as mermaids in another. It is all possible with the stone, and I plan to have those love sla-, participants I mean stored in that room over there, live as any of our dreamt up creatures. I will have them dote on us and want to make love all hours of the day. Of course it does not ALL have to be about sex, but that is what I am focused on at the moment."
Karyn was obviously shocked, his plans surprised her, yet she had not said no yet, Jon pushed further, "Karyn... I want you to be there beside me as my Queen, to rule over these people, although the sex will be magnificent, and I promise you it will be, you will be unchanged mentally, I would not force you upon me, it is the greatest gift I can give you. Will you join me."
Karyn stared at the ground for a sobering minute, finally she spoke, "What about our friends, my family, this would up root our whole lives. Its just, "
Before she could speak anymore, Jon interrupted, "It can all be taken care of I promise you, if you are still uncomfortable leaving people behind, I can just pause time everywhere but in the house, we can even invite friends over if you want, please Karyn, stay."
Karyn, looked Jon in the eyes, his voice had been so reassuring, and he was right of course, she didn't have to give up her old life, she smiled, and spoke in a sarcastic sexy voice, "Alright big boy, you win, I'll stay, how about you come over and give me a kiss." She then did a deep bow but with a hand to her lip blew him a kiss, it was very silly but it still reassured Jon that she had in fact decided to stay. He cast several wishes on her, similar to the ones he had on himself, the immortality, shape shifting and such. He also was not entirely truthful to her she would change her mentally slightly. He made everyone forget about the stone including Karyn. Even though most people had never even seen it, he took no chances. The only other addition mentally was to make her believe unquestionably that he had the powers of the stone even though to her one had never actually existed. With that out of the way, Karyn looked at Jon who had transformed back into his 21 year old self, and she did the same, then she spoke with a grin on her face, "What now?"

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