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2. Magic Necklace

1. You Are What You Wish

Magic Necklace

on 2018-06-17 22:58:23

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Eric stood in front of the strange man, surprised to see a beautiful and as far as you knew real necklace for a very cheap price. The man grabbed in a ratty robe, with a very long beard, seemed to appear when you most needed him, it was your Mother's 40th birthday and you wanted to get her something nice. However on your meager earnings that would have been difficult if this man weren't offering you a necklace with a real jade and delicate gold chain for only 20 bucks.

"So will you take it youngling, I promise your mother will love it." You paused for a moment, just as you were about to buy the item, how had this man known it was a present for your mother?

"I never said anything about my mom, have you been following me?" You gave the man a glare.

"Oh right I suppose you haven't, hmm well thats quite a quandary then... Well you need this necklace so you should purchase from me." The man seemed so sure you needed the object, you weren't so sure you should trust the wares of this man. But then again you did need this necklace and you should purchase it from him. For a moment you blanked out, with a start you come back to your senses, where was the man and why were you holding the necklace? You check your pocket and notice you are down 20 dollars, when had you made the exchange? Well no matter you have to get going the family is going out to dinner you need to get home.

You make it home just in time to find a box for your gift and jump in the car to head to your mother's favorite restaurant. One pleasant dinner later you give your mother your gift. "Here mom this is for you."

She opens the rather unimpressive box and pulls out the necklace. "Oh my, it's amazing how..." She seemed to lose her train of thought for a moment as her eyes glazed over for a second. "I'll wear it constantly, thank you Eric." You felt pleased that your gift was so well accepted.

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