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15. Finding Clothes to Fit

14. Someone who could go with you

13. Have your girlfriend shapeshif

12. My next door neighbor lady

11. Have a wild sex.

10. ...enter your house that there

9. you both decide to visit your

8. your girlfriend turns into man

7. ...can you change into everybo

6. Your girlfriend is a Shapeshif

5. Your girlfriend want to tell y

4. ...headed to your girlfriend’s

3. up and go for a walk.

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

A New Perspective

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MC Magic Unaware

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Lilith searched through Avery’s little sister’s bedroom, returning with a bundle of clothes she tossed onto the bed for Avery. “I think these will work, for now at least. Put these on, the mall awaits.”

Avery looked at his sister’s clothing and felt embarrassed as he gingerly picked up a little pair of panties with two fingers as if they were poisonous. Looking over and up at Lilith for some kind of moral support all he received was a get‑a‑move‑on shooing motion. It was embarrassing enough he was about to wear his little sister’s clothes but having to look way up at Lilith who was now so much taller was galling, ‘Especially since he is actually taller than her … or was taller … or supposed to be taller,’ he thought disconcerted. To be fair, it wasn’t just Lilith being so much bigger, it was that suddenly everything was bigger. “I don’t know if I can do this,” Avery whispered in a meek little voice.

“Oh sweetie it’ll be fun,” Lilith said stepping forward and giving Avery a quick kiss on his forehead.

Avery’s building apprehension was washed away when Lilith stepped close, her cleavage at his eye level allowing him to take in the wonderful mounds up close and personal when she bent down to kiss him. “Okay,” Avery sighed in his now distressingly high voice and craned his neck straight up to look at his shape shifting become hot MILF girlfriend looming over him as she smiled back down with a glint in her eye.

Swallowing self consciously, Avery wiggled on his little sister’s panties chagrined at the fact that they fit comfortably. Next was a pair of white short shorts with a stylish frayed hem. The shorts were so snug he sub‑consciously expected to have his balls crushed but the shorts were perfectly comfortable, affirming that he no longer had any balls. Next was a pink hoodie sweatshirt. This required removing his now giant sized shirt. Even though he knew perfectly well what was underneath, he felt oddly reluctant to expose himself. It made no sense but he froze indecisively.

“I’ll turn around,” Lilith giggled sweetly catching Avery’s attention and ostentatiously turned her back.

“I don’t … you don’t,” Avery nervously stammered. ‘Stop acting like a girl,’ he told himself and pulled his shirt up over his head without unbuttoning it. Now topless, ‘No not topless … just no shirt,’ he chided himself as he looked down and cupped his seemingly huge boobs which Lilith assured him were only C‑cups. As young as he was, even without support his boobs were high and prominent. Not only were his boobs large, they were soft. His nipples were large and growing erect as he watched. Touching his erect nipples was a shock of sensitive pleasure completely outside anything he had ever experienced.

“I know they’re nice but we need to get a move on,” Lilith laughed.

Avery jumped and squeaked with embarrassment as he hurriedly grabbed the pink hoodie sweatshirt and pulled it on. He wore sweatshirts all the time, this should’ve been no big deal but it was. First and foremost, ‘definitely foremost,’ he nervously giggled to himself, was his tits. Sweatshirts are supposed to be loose fitting and comfortable, not tight protruding and jiggly. The length of the sweatshirt was cropped to the point that it barely reached the waist of his short shorts with his arms down. “This sweatshirt is too small,” Avery said raising his arms and exposing quite a bit of bare skin.

Lilith laughed, “No that’s how it’s supposed to fit, it’s fine.”

“Wait, my little sister has been running around in things like this,” Avery said in disbelief.

“You men really are clueless sometimes,” Lilith chuckled in jest as well as thrilling in the titillation of referring to the extremely petite over endowed girl as a man. “Relax, your sister isn’t sporting a rack like that. Come on, put on your shoes and we can go.”

Avery slipped on the little half socks that didn’t even come up to his ankles and the sparkly pink tennis shoes, fully expecting the tiny shoes to be too small but the shoes fit perfectly which was yet again disturbing.

Lilith took Avery’s hand and tugged him toward the door. “See we can hold hands and it will be perfectly normal looking. I’ll be a MILF with her little hottie daughter. With our looks the men and wannabe men will be drawn like moths to our flames, but maybe our first shopping objective should be to get those sweater puppies of yours under control.”

Still holding hands with his shape shifting now MILF girlfriend, Avery headed out trying to hold his head up and ignore the bounce jiggle jiggle, bounce jiggle jiggle that now accompanied his every step. He consoled himself with the anticipation that he would be able to go into the woman’s changing rooms and the girls bathrooms and they would never know he was a guy. He loved his girlfriend but he was still a guy and enjoyed looking at women of all kinds, hell he even wanted to look at himself. He wasn’t keen on Lilith’s declaration of attracting guys but he knew it would happen and would have to put up with it. When they got to the car, Avery was confused when Lilith beeped the locks and opened a rear door for him. “What are you doing?”

“Sorry sweetie, but you don’t meet the minimum height to sit in the front seat. It would be dangerous if the air bag went off. You have to sit in back.” Lilith tried to look and sound disappointed but inside she was having so much fun teasing her boyfriend, ‘It’ll be good for him to appreciate a new perspective,’ she told herself. ‘Now that I think about it, our outing could be so much more in character if ...’

Feeling humiliated, Avery climbed into the back seat and buckled in, only to have Lilith bend in and readjust the seat belt so it passed between his breasts not over them.

“You do not want to smash one of these, believe me,” Lilith laughed before kissing him.

Avery kissed back passionately as he felt a flash of powerful arousal that seemed to suddenly fade away. “Okay already,” Avery said breaking the kiss.

“This will be fun and quite an experience for you,” Lilith said as she put the car in gear and quietly snickered to herself.

Avery felt self-conscious sitting in the back seat but told himself it was temporary. He was looking forward to … he could … because … because it will be fun he told himself.

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