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2. ... it was the first of many y

1. The Future of Gaming

The Future Has Changed

on 2013-07-22 08:30:57

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Twenty Years Later:

"To twenty years of the future!"

You raise your glass along with the others. It's amazing to think that so much time has gone by since the Future of Gaming had first launched. Today was the console's twentieth anniversary, and a grand reunion was being held in the game's honor, both online and offline. Right now, you were in the "real" party, partly because even the most well simulated meal wouldn't satisfy your real hunger, and partly because spending time in a first generation VR setting didn't really appeal to you. The Future of Gaming console was credited with ushering in the new era of virtual reality gaming, but technology had advanced rapidly since then, and now the only people who ventured into Ether did so out of nostalgia.

hat was true even today, but today the antiquated Ether servers were groaning under numbers they hadn't posted in a decade as a huge number of former FoG players logged on for the celebration.

Because this would be almost the last time they ever got the chance to.

Ether was being shut down: soon, the world was told, but no exact date was given. So many former players took advantage of the festivities to relive a game that had given them many good memories.

You were one of those players. Had it already been twenty years since you and Suzie had made your first avatars?


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