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2. Parallels

1. The Drafting Board

Parallels: Setting the scene

avatar on 2024-05-30 11:31:35

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Everyone is familiar with The idea of a multiverse a hypothetical set of all universes. Where everything can and does exist. The laws of these universes can be slightly different you made a different decision at one point which set you down a different path or very different from our own where it wasn’t you that took a different path but history that did so.

These different universes within the multiverse are often called parallel universes or alternate universes. One common assumption is that the multiverse is a "patchwork quilt of separate universes all of them sit side by side with each other unaware of each other's existence.

Today we took a look inside one of these universes which is very much like our own except the events that are to follow for one reason or another only happened in that universe and not in our universe. Time to look beyond the veil and see what happened.

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